Aug 17, 2011

Bonnie's Cape

A new trend this Fall are the capes and I predict they will be a HOT item. However, if you're thinking anything like me you're picturing little red riding hood in her cape roaming the woods. Coach, a brand known for it's classic and timeless handbags and accesories, has introduced a cape that has taken my breath away. As part of their new Poppy line Coach has created Bonnie's Cape. Named after Coach designer Bonnie Cashin, this cape combines all the elements a girl could want in a feminine, structured and luxe wool cape. The leather trimming and military details make this cape a standout piece that must become part of my Fall wardrobe.
Coach - Bonnie's Cape (also available in black!)
How do feel about this trend?


  1. Capes are my favorite clothes piece for the fall season........ I can't wait to get Bonnie's Cape but in Black.

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