Aug 18, 2011

A little beauty shopping

All New Yorkers know that there's a Duane Reade in almost every street corner. In fact, there's one a block away from our apartment in the West Village and I must admit it's a good thing to have so close. I go there at least twice a week for some little odd or end and almost always end up with a bag full of new beauty products to try out. Here's a list of my latest and greatest drug store finds...

Cetaphil Skin Cleanser

Hands down the best face wash out there. It's gentle on your skin, but leaves your face feeling squeaky clean. Seriously.
Aquaphor Healing Ointment

There's nothing less attractive than cracked, chapped lips. I have one of these bad boys in every handbag I own and I swear by them. Best lip balm there is! Your lips will feel the difference.

Nivea Express Hydration Daily Lotion

This body lotion smells like ocean breeze... if that makes any sense. And you can really feel your skin quenching its thirst. Superb.

Biolage Smoothing Shampoo
I know, I know, not the cheapest shampoo out there. However, it's so worth it. It smells amazing and leaves your hair silky smooth.

Do you have any favorite drug store finds? I could probably go on and on, but these are definitely my top rated ones.


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