Aug 30, 2011

Pronounced foo-tah

One of my good friends, S, gave me a fantastic gift a few months ago - a fouta. Foutas are 100% cotton machine-washable towels made in Tunisia. And ever since I got mine I've been obsessed. I've used it as a blanket, worn it as a scarf, and it's even accompanied us on a few trips to the park.  Foutas can really be used as towels, blankets, throws, tablecloths... everything and anything. They are extremely multifaceted and come in a wide variety of colors. Pauline, the founder of Fouta Lifestyle, is making these amazing Tunisian towels available to us online. Definitely go order one... or a few!

Fouta at the breakfast table, pool, streets of Brooklyn, and the beach of St. Bart's. Love my fouta!!


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