Sep 20, 2011

Birthday Craving

Rick Owens Paneled Leather Jacket
Today is my birthday and I'm feeling GREAT! The weather is a little gloomy, but it should clear up by the time I have to leave for Happy Hour. I'm so so looking forward to celebrating with all of my closest friends at the Jimmy Bar in SoHo and will definitely share pictures with you all tomorrow. Until then, Happy Tuesday!


  1. Happy, happy birthday my dear!!! I hope it's the best!

    That jacket would definitely make it a good one, longing for a pretty leather jacket!

  2. Gorgeous Jacket!!Happy Birthday

  3. Happy birthday lady! Hope you have a fabulous day and that someone awesome buys you that jacket :)

  4. Nice jacket.I am searching for one like this.I do nearly all my shopping online as well!


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