Sep 16, 2011

Birthday Wish List

I love birthdays! Seriously, I love them! Birthday cards, flowers, balloons, cakes, gifts, drinks with friends, dinner with the girls - everything about birthdays equals happiness in my book. And mine is in exactly four days (woot woot!) So as far as a birthday wish list goes, here are the items that comprise my little list (it's a long shot, but a girl can dream)

Hermes enamel H bracelet, Mulberry keychain, Cocoa and Hearts print, J.Crew tweed blazer

Pedro Garcia Chick Platform Booties, Canon PowerShot G-12, Union Camera Strap
I do have to work all day on my birthday, but afterwards I'm hoping to get some happy hour action in with friends and maybe eat some decadent chocolate cake (my favorite thing ever!)

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  1. Oh, that hermes bracelet would be on my wish list too! xo


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