Sep 30, 2011

My Guilty Pleasures!

I saw this first on vmac&cheese, then on Things That Sparkle, and most recently on Breakfast at Toast. I'm convinced that this is such a fun post to share my guilty pleasures/addictions with you all! So here goes...

1. Not a day goes by where I don't indulge in a small piece of chocolate. Dark chocolate to be precise.

2. Shopping. I think I can be officially called a shopaholic. I shop online more than anyone I know and tell myself that I find better deals this way so I can excuse my addiction... kinda. Thank goodness for CouponSherpa.com and all their great promo codes!
3. I love Mexican food. Seriously, love it. Guacamole might be my favorite dish ever and I'm pretty sure I would have a side of it with every meal if given the chance.

4. Laying on the couch and watching reruns of NCIS and Without a Trace. I know what you're thinking, but I can't help it - I just love that whole detective chasing bad guys thing and I'm not ashamed to admit it!
5. I love eating out. NYC has SO many great restaurants that it's hard to want to cook. And dining out is so much fun when it's with friends or on a little romantic date night with K.
6. One word. Facebook.
7. Writing lists. I write a to do list for everything - packing, work, groceries, wish lists for shopping. Everything and anything.

8. Makeup. I love buying makeup and then going home to browse through my makeup bag, toss out what I don't like anymore, and try on my new finds. Needless to say, I have a very large makeup bag.

9. Football. I'm hooked. K and his family are huge Ravens fans and so the love for all things Ravens was passed on to me. K and I watch football every single Sunday during the season and love it. Never thought I would, but yes, I really, really love it. And I belong to a fantasy team!

10. Manicures. I get a manicure every week. It's my way of pampering myself for less than $10.
11. Bread. Any kind of bread - I don't discriminate when it comes to carbs. I've been on a diet of no bread for a few weeks now trying to get ready for the wedding and it's killimg me.

12. Email. I'm not a big fan of talking on the phone so email, in my opinion, is the best invention ever. I can keep in touch with tons of people without having to pick up the phone.
13. WordWarp. I steal K's iphone when he's home so I can play this little word puzzle game. It's so so addictive and I can get very competitive!
14. Pictures. I take my camera everywhere and take pictures of everything (even plates of food). Expect this trend to get even worse now that I have a fancy camera!

15. Lattes. I get one every morning.

16. Traveling. I love traveling, but hate flying. I know, strange. I dream of going back to Europe (Sevilla, Spain to be exact) where I lived for 7 months while studying abroad. Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Argentina, and many other far and away countries are also on my list of places I must visit. Some day, some day.
17. Reading blogs. I have my favorite 20-25 blogs that I read daily and this fun reading makes for the perfect start to my work days.
18. Thinking of millions of options to redecorate our NYC apartment. I know it's a rental, but yet I want it to look pretty and well put together.

19. Us Weekly and People. I'm not subscribed, but every single time I'm in line at the grocery store to pay I can't help but pick up the latest two editions and sit on the couch for hours reading about celebrity gossip.
20. Buying a new handbag. Definitely another addiction/obsession. I will do research for weeks before actually going out and buying it, but I buy a new one every 6-7 months. I have a bag rotation problem. And the next one in line is a Reed Krakoff.

What are your top 20 guilty pleasures?

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  1. I'm with you on the bread and chocolate addiction.

  2. Eating out is a top one...ice cream, sleeping in (can't do that anymore with a baby). Great list!

  3. Agree with so much on that list: personal fave- the chocolate truffles, Mexican food, makeup and magazines!
    Thank you for entering the Beso Win an Iconic Trench Giveaway! Good luck – xoxo.

  4. Love that you did this list, its way too much fun!!

  5. I'm with you on a lot of things here! From lattes to handbags to manicures and ugh, Facebook! Great blog. Thanks for dropping over at mine. Glad I found yours too.


  6. I love your list! I honestly think you've covered all of mine as well!

    Happy weekend :) xx

  7. We pretty much have the same guilty pleasures. Just finished eating an amazing Mexican dish and gonna eat some chocolate and watch Hgtv :)

  8. Just found you through Schue Love! What a great guitly pleasure list!! My guilty pleasure list includes treating myself to a mani/pedi, shopping, eating ice cream, reading blogs/trashy mags, and I am obsessed with handbags too! :)

  9. I love this! Shopping, guacamole, facebook, manicures, photography and handbags. We have a few things in common! Love this list!


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