Sep 2, 2011

Packing List: Labor Day Weekend

September is here and Labor Day weekend has finally arrived! K and I are headed to Bethany Beach where his parents have a beautiful beachside condo and we can't wait! We don't get to go to the beach often living in the Big Apple so whenever we get a chance to go, we take it without hesitation. Bethany Beach is a small beach town in Delaware, but don't let the "small" part fool you. There's tons of great restaurants and bars and it's about a ten minute drive from Rehoboth, DE where you can find even more fun stuff.
Here are a few essential items that are going with me to the beach:

My chic oversized Karen Walker sunnies! I got these a few weeks ago and LOVE them.

Jean Michel Cazabat is brilliant! These are the most comfy platforms I've ever owned (and I've owned quite a few) and they'll be great for a night out in the town or an afternoon of shopping.

Vix makes amazing swim pieces and this cover-up is fantastic. I bought it a few months ago for our family trip to Aruba and probably wore it every single day there. It's not too short and the material is oh so soft. Oh, and it's on a super sale right now at Saks!

Maxi dresses have been everywhere this summer and this Rag and Bone one is sheer perfection. I'm thinking I'll pair it with my Jean Michel Cazabat platforms and an oversized clutch for a nice dinner out in Rehoboth on Saturday night.

I first heard about this little magical device, the Sultra Bombshell 1" curling iron, from Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere. Needless to say, it has proven to be a great purchase. This curling iron will give me just the right amount of beach waves - it makes my curls super soft and they can last up to two days! Definitely worth the splurge.

Last, but not least, my brand new satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Co. Obsessed! It will add that extra little umph to any outfit.

What are your plans for Labor Day Wknd?

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  1. Hola! Me encanta este "satchel"..pregunta lo pediste online?

    Un abrazo,


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