Sep 8, 2011

The Perfect Note

I've always been a fan of making lists and notes for everything. And there's nowhere better to write notes and lists than on really pretty paper. Enter Dani Notes Stationery. This is my latest Etsy find and I'm obsessed. Her patterns are preppy, but classic. Stripes in all sorts of colors, sophisticated monograms, fun patterns and more can be found in Dani's designs. The iphone cases are also so pretty! Who wouldn't want a pretty pink and white striped design with a mint green monogram on the back of their iphone?!

These are so simple and sophisticated looking. I love monograms. And they would be perfect for the tons of thank you notes I'll have to write after our wedding!

Here she is! The iphone case I will definitely purchase once I actually own an iphone...

Her entire line is made of earth friendly papers and she accepts custom orders! Doesn't get any better than this...


  1. Oooh these are lovely! I just checked out their website. So many great things to buy as gifts! Or maybe I should just treat myself. :)


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