Sep 22, 2011

Weeknight Meals from Lara of Simply Irresistible

I want to introduce you all to Lara of the fabulous Simply Irresistible blog. Lara has a super stylish life in Chicago and likes to blog about fashion, food, and anything and everything in between. She is definitely my go-to lady for amazing, quick, and delish recipes so I asked her to stop over FT today to share with us an easy weeknight recipe. Wait till you see what she's come up with...


I'm so excited to be here on Fashion Truffles sharing some amazing recipes and cooking tips. I blog on Simply Irresistible about food, fashion, decor and lots more. I work at an advertising agency from nine - five (sometimes much past five), which makes weeknight cooking a bit of a challenge. Between finding the time to shop for the ingredients and then actually cooking, making a meal of any kind on a weeknight can seem like a daunting task.

There are three basic rules I follow when it comes to weeknight
cooking to make it possible and enjoyable.
1. Short ingredient lists - I like to be able to count the ingredients
on my hands... preferably one hand (I don't count what I already have
in my cabinets). If the recipe has more ingredients than this, I'm not
making it. 
2. Short cooking time - If something needs to bake in the oven for
more than 1/2 hour, it's not for a weeknight. I'm usually already
starving by the time I make it home (and I get cranky when I'm
3. Let the grocery store help you - If something is
already chopped, shredded or seasoned in a way that's going to save
you time without detracting from the flavor, go for that

Here are two recipes I made this week that were perfect for an after work night. The entire meal took me one hour to put together.

I used this recipe, with only a few amendments. I used a bag of Mexican shredded cheese instead of the extra sharp white cheddar and monterey jack cheese's (virtually the same thing and a perfect example of rule #3). I also used flour tortillas in place of the corn tortillas because I prefer the taste and texture. 

{ready for round one in the oven}
{yummy chicken filling with HOMEMADE sauce}
So after topping these bad boys with the remaining enchilada sauce and some cheese, I threw them back in the oven (not literally), and moved on to the....

For the cilantro and lime rice I used this recipe. I followed this one exactly and while the rice was cooking, I blended everything in a small processor. It had so much great flavor, required only a handful of ingredients and little hands on time. All the necessary elements for weeknight cooking. 

There you have it. An awesome week night meal in one hour. Except... 

if you're a dessert lover like me, you know that no meal ends without dessert. Enter Mexican Caramel Sundaes... the best thing to ever happen to me since...

For this recipe and many more, please visit me at Simply Irresistible. Thanks so much for having me Viviana! 


Ok, so now I'm starving.

Thanks so much for stopping by Lara!
And if you hadn't discovered this wonderful blog yet then I invite you to visit it ASAP. You will love it!


  1. Thanks so much for having me here today! It was so much fun putting together this meal.xo

  2. These recipes look great. Well done Lara. Viviana - Please stop by my blog for my first foodie giveaway. Cute blog. :)

  3. THOSE RECIPES LOOK AMAZING! I just ate lunch and am somehow STARVING again! My hubs and I love Mexican so those are must tries for us!

    First time stopping by! Love your blog! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  4. um, delicious!! that cilantro lime rice looks amazing! all of it does!
    I follow Lara too, so it's fun to see her here!
    thanks for the tips!

  5. Looks great! Definitely bookmarking the enchilada sauce recipe (so easy and I love that it's homemade). Never thought about making a 'cilantro pesto' to blend into rice before either. Great idea!


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