Oct 31, 2011

Beat The Vacation Blues {Guest Post} Jillian from Cornflake Dreams

Hello there, it's jillian from cornflake dreams! i am super excited to be guest posting on Fashion Truffles while the lovely vivi is off on her adventure of a honeymoon! i thought i would do a little post about how to beat the blues once they return. my fiance just took a trip to barcelona and madrid and luckly i was too busy with other crazy life stuff (new job, new condo) to really let the post-vaca blues get me down...but just in case here are a few uppers::


 create a photo book of all of your trip photos! i love using iphoto on my mac laptop but shutterfly and lulu work too!

plan your next adventure! even if you dont have a ton of money you might be able to get away to a domestic location (check out travelzoo for deals).

treat yourself to vacation inspired dinner. visit a new to you restaurant that serves up your favorite trip dish. i cant wait to go to a spanish restaurant and order croquettes, patatas bravas and paella vegetariana! 

don't forget the drinks! ever since we returned from spain i have been craving red sangria with fruit and cinnamon and my fiance is on the hunt for a speciality beer he had in barcelona.

thank you again to vivi for inviting me to post on her blog, stop by cornflake dreams anytime for a daily dose of inspiration.

what do you do to cheer up after you return from a big trip?!



  1. I loved this! Just got back from my own vacation... definitely going to take all of Jillian's advice into account! xx

  2. Great ideas! I tried to do as many of these as possible after a big trip to Paris last year. Especially the food and wine part! We are planning a big trip to either Southern France or Italy for next year, and I have a feeling I'll need to use these tactics again!!

  3. Great post! Vivi I hope you are having so much fun! I think it'd be fun to not only stake out what restaurant to find your favorite vacation food, but to actually make it! A culinary adventure!

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