Oct 11, 2011

By Erin Gordon

A few months ago I discovered the brilliant designs of Erin Gordon while browsing the Facebook albums of my favorite Chicago boutique, Sarca. Ever since the moment I laid eyes on those beautiful beaded bracelets, I knew it was real love.

Today, having collected more than 25 of these beaded beauties (yep! exactly...), I have brought Erin Gordon to FT for a brief interview. I have a feeling you will enjoy it!

Company Name: By Erin Gordon
Located in: Chicago, IL
Website: byeringordon.com

When did you start designing jewelry?
"I started making jewelry as a hobby 5 years ago focusing on creating one-of-a-kind vintage necklaces. I literally could not walk down the street without constantly being stopped and asked where I had gotten my necklace. The thought of starting my own jewelry line never crossed my mind. At the time I was concentrating on opening a high end clothing boutique, but when the economy took a turn for the worst, I took the advice from my father who said, “this is not the time to be opening a high end clothing boutique.” He had put the thought into my mind about starting my own jewelry line instead. I eventually (a year and a half ago) decided to take my love for jewelry making and turned my hobby into a full time business venture. Since my vintage pieces were of a much higher price point and with the economy being so bad, I needed to come up with pieces that the everyday customer could buy. I can remember the day so well, I walked into Neiman Marcus on a shopping trip wearing a stack of semi-precious gemstone bracelets that I had made the night before. I could barely walk 10 feet without being stopped and asked where I had gotten my bracelets!! People were gaga over them! I knew that this was what i needed to do  and was what people wanted."

Where do you find your inspiration?
"My inspiration comes from many places, there is so much that inspires me! People, art, fashion, prints, colors, fabrics, quotes and sayings, magazines, and photography. Anything that pulls my creativity out of me and gets me excited to design."

Who are your favorite designers?
"There are so many amazing designers and my list of my favorites is pages long, but if I had to pick my top 15 they would be:  YSL,  MAWI,  Hermes, Erickson Beamon, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, Christian Louboutin, WE ARE OWLS, Miriam Cecilia Carlson. Jane Carr, Doucette Duvall, and Ruthie Davis. And i’m obsessed with anything Vintage!!"

Thanks Erin for stopping by and sharing a little insight into your designs!

Aren't her pieces just beautiful? I'm seriously obsessed and get complements every single time I wear the bracelets. Extra plus - you can get as many bracelets as you want, mix and match them AND custom order them with whatever colored beads and extras you like best! Does it get ANY better than that?! YES, it does! Erin is offering a 10% off to all FT readers! Exactly. You just have to email her directly and she will take good care of you. ENJOY!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh these pieces are BEYOND stunning. I will definitely be investing in those sparkly skulls. LOVE!

  2. I love the skulls! would be such a cute touch for halloween


  3. Great interview! These are stunning. xx

  4. Carmen Rojas Super Fan!!!!October 11, 2011 at 11:13 AM

    You guys will love those bracelets for sure!!! I have a dozen of them in different colors and shapes and I wear them almost everyday!! Love Erin Gordon designs and I am ready to get a new set of her new collection!! Woho!!

  5. What a great interview! Absolutely adoring the purple and black piece. Thinking I need to add one to my jewelry collection immediately!


  6. Wonderful interview. Those pieces are beautiful, I need to add it to my arm party!

  7. Love the interview, love that this talent comes from Chicago! :) And LOVE these bracelets!

  8. how awesome! Love this post Viv!
    And I want want that first one!!!

  9. love the brazalets!!! what stunning designs!!!!!!!!

    Rachel, xx :)

  10. great interview! Loving the first set of bracelets! xo

  11. Love the bracelets and love that they have a bit of funkiness thrown in. I always love to hear where others get their inspiration from! xo

  12. Hi Erin, gorgeous bracelets :)

  13. Great interview and love the bracelets their beautiful !!!


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