Nov 15, 2011

Honeymooning in London

Our honeymoon plans got a little messed up due to the flooding in Bangkok and the fact that Air France just went ahead and cancelled our flight out to Asia. However, K and I were not going to let that stop us from going away to a beautiful place, dining and wining, and doing a little shopping on the side. After much brainstorming on the day after our wedding, two hours before our flight back to NYC, we decided to cancel our Southeast Asia honeymoon and book a new one to London and Paris. We arrived in NYC exhausted and emotionally drained so we went right to bed and woke up Monday morning with the goal of booking a brand new honeymoon in less than 24 hours. I must say, it worked out GREAT!
We left NYC early on Tuesday and headed to Foggy London Town. It was my first time in this wonderful city, but K had been there a couple of times before. We spent four amazing nights at The Ritz London, right in the middle of everything. We dined at Nobu London, Hakkasan, and The Forge to name a few. We did some shopping along Covent Gardens, visited the enormous department stores Harrod's and Harvey Nichols, rode the London Eye (which was a bit terrifying!), saw the famous Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, saw Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theater, and walked and explored the Saturday market at Notting Hill.

London Favorites

Nobu London
The Forge
Henry's Cafe
Caffe Nero
Savoy Hotel Bar American
Mr. Chow

Covent Gardens
Paul Smith
Harvey Nichols

Fun Stuff:
London Eye
Changing of the Guards
Bond Street
Mayfair people watching
Notting Hill Saturday Market
Hyde Park

London was a perfect honeymoon spot! The people were so friendly and we had a lot of fun walking around and exploring everything the beautiful city has to offer!
Stay tuned for tomorrow when I will guide you through the beautiful, romantic city of Paris - the second and last stop of our amazing honeymoon.


  1. Looks like so much fun! I am so sorry that your plans got messed up but you guys definitely made the best of it!!

  2. And this is why I heart you ~ love that you "rolled with the punches" and looks like you had a fantastic time! (And might this be the first test of your marriage? which sounds like you passed with flying colors) :)

  3. So glad you made the best of a horrible situation!! I LOVE paris and london -- can't go wrong.

  4. I am glad you came with a new emergency plan and that is working out well! congratulations lots of love to you in your honeymoon!

  5. Way to turn lemons into lemonade!! I love your photos, London is such a great city!

  6. Sounds like an absolutely divine time in London! Can't wait to hear all about Paris.

  7. Wow what a great place to have a honeymoon! I really wanted to do something like this, but we decided to do Hawaii for honeymoon and a few years later we did a UK trip. I love all the pictures!!

    - Sarah

  8. definitely making the best out of a sad situation, and you still went to a fabulous place and have a terrific honeymoon!! it goes to show regardless of where you go as long as you two are together, that is a honeymoon and it isn't about where you go but being together!!

  9. So sorry to hear about your original plans, but looks like you ended up making the best out of the situation - and what fabulous cities to visit! I love both of them. Glad you had a wonderful honeymoon xoxo

  10. omg, looks like you had an amazing time! so glad your honeymoon worked out so perfectly!
    can't wait to see Paris!

  11. I LOVE London, but went without my husband. Next time I definitely will take him. I was really impressed how well designed everything was -- like they appreciate the importance of good graphic design!

    You and your HUSBAND are adorable. ;o)

  12. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. you too are too cute! I loved London. Paris is the most stunning city and will blow your mind! Have a fantastic time :) X

  13. Oh London Baby!!! I've yet to visit, and now I'm inspired to go right now! You and your hubs are absolutely adorable. Yes, drinks soon! How about next week?


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