Nov 28, 2011

A Kardashian Closet

I would LOVE to have a huge walk-in closet that could fit everything I own! Living in NYC allows me to have a teeeeeny tiny closet and not much storage space. I have tons of storage bins under the bed, in the linen closet, and pretty much all over the bedroom (K hates it!), but it's all because I just don't have enough space to put things away! A large walk-in closet would solve sooooo many storage issues! The Kardashian sisters have amazing style and incredibly large closets to fit their enormous designer collections of clothes, accessories, and shoes. Oh, how I wish I had just a fraction of that closet space!
The sisters in their stylish and very full closets.
Kim's jewelry collection is aaaaaahmazing and includes pieces from er favorite jewelry designers: Lorraine Schwartz and Loren Rydinger.
Khloe's unreal shoe collection includes more than 100 pairs of Louboutins. Must be tough...
A vanity with a view... just like mine... not!
Do you have enough storage space in your apartment or are you in a situation like mine?! I would love to hear your storage ideas!


  1. I recently moved in to a place with a little more storage (yay!) but it is still tough to get everything the way I like it. My best advice is to organize organize organize! I use the same kind of hanger to give my closet a little more uniformity and clean look, and I put all my jewels in pretty dishes in a drawer. That helps to clear up a little counter space. :)



  2. so jealous of these closets, I dream of making our guest bedroom into a closet!

  3. Aaaah I die - all of it... just amazing!!! Life just isn't fair. I have a decent amount of storage space, but there could always be more room... it's so tough living in NYC... I want a house and a walk in closet! ;)

  4. Dude that is just insane I tell you. Can you even imagine having this for yourself? Sheesh!

  5. Ah-mazing closets. A girl can dream, right?

  6. I wish! I really want large, wide drawers to organize my jewelry. Then, I'll be on the hunt for velvet drawer liners because I've heard that's the best way to keep everything in place. One day! :)

  7. Oh if only I was rich I would be better at organizing because of all the room i would have! xo

  8. If ONLY all I had to worry about was look good for the camera -- right? And get lots of gifted stuff. I would kill for the shoes.

  9. Gosh, wouldn't that be amazing?! Would die to own just a fraction of those shoes! :)

  10. I love the Kardashians! Geez, that closet space! I had pretty decent storage in Chicago considering the overall size of my condo but you can never really have enough!

  11. A little obsessed with that shoe closet!

  12. Khole's clearly roughing it...Oh what I would give for just 1/4 of her shoe collection. About to watch Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and I can only imagine what I will see.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I absolutely love your blog!


  13. Oh I soo agree I'd love their closet!! To dream!


  14. I feel you sister!!! I dream of having a walk in one day. I share a closet with the hubs and then bought some ikea wardrobes. Oh the things we sacrifice to live in this city.

  15. aww!!I soo get where you're coming from!! but I'm not only jealous about the walk in closet but also the cloths, the accessories, the vanity, and the SHOES!! OMG Its every girl's dream!!


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