Dec 29, 2011

NYE Series {Guest Post} Lesley of SIX TWELVE PLACE

Next up in our New Year's guest post series is Lesley of SIX TWELVE PLACE. Lesley is a gal with amazing style and taste (plus she's one of the sweetest people I know!) so it's no surprise that her Chicago-based blog is one of my daily reads. I can't wait to see what Lesley has planned for the new year!
There is something so very exciting and refreshing about a New Year!  It is a time to reflect on accomplishments, changes and growths; to plan for the future and to welcome things that have never been! 
Each New Years Eve, my boyfriend and I get dressed up and head out to an indulgent dinner where we toast to the past and the future.  It is a perfect way to welcome the New Year!

I am not a big New Years Resolution person because I keep plans and timelines and goals for myself year around, but with 2012 around the corner some of the current goals on my running list are:
  • Simplify- I want to make sure that I do not get caught up with "stuff" and focus my energy and money on things that truly matter
  • Grow as a person- be more kind, more thoughtful, more patient, more diligent, more gracious, more compassionate and remember to be thankful every day
  • Continue working on my business plan {announcement to come in 2012!}
  • Be more routine and regimented with my daily schedule {I started working from home in 2011 and things are not quite as consistently scheduled as I would like them to be}
  • Consistently listen to Sunday service from my home church in Dallas or find a new church here in Chicago
  • Explore Chicago and appreciate every inch of the city while I am here
  • Read more
It's just a little running list :)  I want to wish you and yours good health, success, prosperity and happiness for the coming year!  Thank you Viv for having me over from SIX TWELVE PLACE and Happy New Year, friends!


  1. Thank you for sharing this. These are great resolutions! I didn't know you were from Dallas. That's where I live. :)


  2. I love these resolutions. So focused on improving yourself and becoming a better person. I will def have to check out Six Twelve Place!



  3. looking good Lesley + bf! :) Hope you have a wonderful New Years -- your list has inspired me! And Viv, if I don't talk to you before then, happy new year to you as well! enjoy your celebrations! xx

  4. Thanks, ladies! And THANK YOU Viv for having me!! I just linked over. Happy New Year! xo

  5. Such a fun post...sounds like a great way to celebrate the New Year :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Great resolutions Lesley! Hope you tackle them all! ;)

  7. You guys make such a cute couple! Gong over to your blog to check it out now :)

  8. wonderful resolutions Lesley. I didn't know you were a Christian! amen :)


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