Dec 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

Twenty eleven was a truly amazing year, but I'm looking forward to all the new and exciting adventures twenty twelve will bring with it. I hope you have a very happy and healthy New Year!

Dec 30, 2011

NYE Series {Guest Post} Grace of Stripes and Sequins

Our next guest doesn't need an introduction as I'm sure all of you already know who this wonderful lady is. Grace, from Stripes and Sequins, is one talented gal. Her blog is always full of amazing DIY project ideas, the latest fashion trends, and much more. Once you're done reading about her 2012 resolutions and NYE traditions, I suggest you run over to her blog and show her some love.
Hi Fashion Truffles readers, Grace here, from Stripes & Sequins. If you aren't familiar with it, Stripes & Sequins is a lifestyle/fashion blog.  I share daily inspiration, my favorite things, and weekly do-it-yourself projects.  Like Viv, I'm based in New York City.  I'm honored to be guest posting for Viv as her blog is one of my daily reads. 

Growing up, my parents had (and still have) a restaurant on Cape Cod.  They would work, and my sisters and I would stay in and watch Disney movies and then watch the ball drop.  Our house is attached to the restaurant, so my parents would be sure to come inside to count down with us.  As I got older, I would work too.  I slowly climbed the ranks from silverware dryer to dishwasher to bus girl to food runner to waitress.  After college, I stopped working to spend the night with my friends.  Today, the boyfriend and I have a huge New Year's Eve party every year.  It's always so much fun.  A big mix of my friends and his friends...  people fly in from all over the place - this year, the furthest is from Northern Ireland... our very close friends are making the trek over.  There is always a story to tell. This year, we're going with a Roaring Twenties / Great Gatsby theme... I can't wait!

This year my New Years resolutions are simple.  I'm making some big changes over at the blog, focusing on getting back into shape, and (like Carly,) I'm determined to learn how to sew and take a photography class.

image from here

Dec 29, 2011

What to Wear: New Year's Day

Yes, the outfit for NYE is very important. You must welcome 2012 in style - sequins, sparkles, gold, fancy baubles, and all the rest - but we can't forget to dress to impress on New Year's day as well. I plan on sleeping late (mostly to recuperate!) and heading out for a nice, fancy brunch with some good friends. Do you have plans for Sunday? 
New Year's Day

Stella McCartney long sleeve shirt
£504 - net-a-porter.com

True Religion slim fit jeans
€349 - jades24.com

Valentino ballet flat
$795 - net-a-porter.com

Louis vuitton bag

Dannijo crystal necklace
£328 - oxygenboutique.com

NYE Series {Guest Post} Lesley of SIX TWELVE PLACE

Next up in our New Year's guest post series is Lesley of SIX TWELVE PLACE. Lesley is a gal with amazing style and taste (plus she's one of the sweetest people I know!) so it's no surprise that her Chicago-based blog is one of my daily reads. I can't wait to see what Lesley has planned for the new year!
There is something so very exciting and refreshing about a New Year!  It is a time to reflect on accomplishments, changes and growths; to plan for the future and to welcome things that have never been! 
Each New Years Eve, my boyfriend and I get dressed up and head out to an indulgent dinner where we toast to the past and the future.  It is a perfect way to welcome the New Year!

I am not a big New Years Resolution person because I keep plans and timelines and goals for myself year around, but with 2012 around the corner some of the current goals on my running list are:
  • Simplify- I want to make sure that I do not get caught up with "stuff" and focus my energy and money on things that truly matter
  • Grow as a person- be more kind, more thoughtful, more patient, more diligent, more gracious, more compassionate and remember to be thankful every day
  • Continue working on my business plan {announcement to come in 2012!}
  • Be more routine and regimented with my daily schedule {I started working from home in 2011 and things are not quite as consistently scheduled as I would like them to be}
  • Consistently listen to Sunday service from my home church in Dallas or find a new church here in Chicago
  • Explore Chicago and appreciate every inch of the city while I am here
  • Read more
It's just a little running list :)  I want to wish you and yours good health, success, prosperity and happiness for the coming year!  Thank you Viv for having me over from SIX TWELVE PLACE and Happy New Year, friends!

Dec 28, 2011

Wednesday Craving: Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno
I love how delicate this blush colored sweater dress looks. I'd wear it with a shearling or leather jacket, some opaque tights, and a chunky necklace. I want.

NYE Series: {Guest Post} Victoria of vmac+cheese

Victoria from vmac+cheese is here today to share with us some NYE traditions and resolutions for 2012. If you haven't heard of her fab blog yet then I suggest you run over there because it's always chuck full of great advise, pretty pictures, and fashion and style pointers. Take it away, Victoria...

Hey Trufflers! I'm here to share my lone New Year's Eve tradition with you today, and probably more importantly, my resolutions. NYE is actually one of my favorite holidays (or evenings? However you want to look at it), and I look forward to it every year, regardless of what my plans are. Something about new beginnings and fresh starts, I think!

Despite it being my fave, I really don't have any traditions when it comes to the last night of the year. The only thing I can think of is that if I'm going out on the town, it is the ONLY day of the year I'll indulge in false lashes. No rhyme or reason -- it's just the way it's been the last few years!

This year, I have two big resolutions. One, to continue working out, pushing myself as much as possible to get in ridiculously good shape. 2011 was a great start -- I started a rigorous Pilates program, and recently have been working out at a traditional gym, doing a lot of weight lifting. I want to continue throughout the year, and if nothing else, the fact that my 10 year high school reunion is taking place this summer is GREAT motivation.

Second, and this is the big one. I am working like a mad woman to turn some things that have long been dreams into a reality. More details will be forthcoming on my blog soon, but I know 2012 will be a big year for me in this realm, and I can't wait for all the adventure that brings! I know that's vague...just know I'm turning my dreams into plans!

Happy 2012, everyone! I hope wherever you are, your 2012 starts off with a glass of bubbly and people you love.


Dec 27, 2011

Christmas Weekend Recap

We spent Christmas weekend at my best friend's home in CT. Her hubby, S, and K have become very good friends so the four of us try to get together as often as possible - yay! On Saturday, M and I cooked up a storm because they hosted Christmas Eve dinner at their place and had S's family over. At midnight, once the kitchen had been cleaned and we all had an eggnog white russian (S's concuction!) in hand, we opened presents by the fire. This was my first all American Christmas - a fire, cold temperatures, a drive to Boston to visit extended family on Christmas day - and it was so special to spend it with my bestie in her home. 

Also, Santa treated me extremely well (I must have been a very good girl this year!) K surprised me with the Hermes H bangle I had been wishing for and a couple of stocking stuffers (a Mason Pearson hairbrush and a Stephanie Johnson ML traveler bag). My bestie gave me an unbelievable handmade sketch of my wedding dress drawn by the uber talented Megan Levans
How did Santa treat you this year?

NYE Series {Guest Post} Carly of a simple affair

Today marks the beginning of a NYE guest post series that I'm very excited about. I have invited some really great gals to share with us their NYE traditions and resolutions. Carly will kick this series off... woop woop! She's pretty new to the blogosphere, but ever since I clicked on the link to her blog, a simple affair, I've been obsessed with all her DIY projects, pretty outfit collages and good taste! When it was time to think of some fun ladies to invite over for this post series it was easy to think of this fashion savvy gal. Now, without further ado, here's Carly...
Hello all you wonderful Fashion Truffles readers! It's Carly from {a simple affair}I was so happy when Viv invited me over to talk about New Year's traditions and resolutions because well, one, I read FT daily and two, I really needed to get started on my resolutions for 2012.

Let's Talk Traditions
Ever since I've been a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!), I've spent my night ringing in the New Year in Madison.  We would all return to our respective hometowns for the holidays as soon as finals were over and get back together for one special night in Madison.  One year, however, I was really sick and could not get off of the couch all day.  Let me tell if you, if you're ever sick on New Year's Eve, it's a great time to watch get hooked on on a brand new TV show because it seems like there are marathons on every channel.  It's when I fell in love with Michael Weston from Burn Notice, and he's had my heart ever since.  Well, I mean besides Boyfriend B.  Which leads me to my next point.

[cue sappy background music]

While Madison has been our go-to place for New Year's Eve, a lot of our mutual friends have graduated so I'm looking forward to starting a new tradition.  I'll get back to you on what that is, but I honestly had the best night when he came over and dealt with me being a poor sick baby.  We watched a movie and sipped on some chocolate liqueur.  The best part: waking up feeling refreshed and not hungover the next morning (not to speak for everyone, but I'm thinking we've all been there at some point?).  So, yeah, we sound like an old married couple, but I can't help but remember it as one of my favorite New Years.  I truly think as long as you're with the right people, whether it be family, a group of girlfriends, or that special someone, you can make the night great.     

On to the Harder Stuff: Resolutions 
My go-to resolution is typically floss more often.  I feel like no matter how often I floss, every time I go to the dentist office I'm told to floss more.  Does this happen to you too? Well, I will continue to floss, but this does not need to be my New Year's resolution for 2012.  Instead of coming up with some long list of things that would never happen, I chose three resolutions that are absolutely doable and things I have been thinking of for quite some time:
New Year::New Resolutions

What are your resolutions for 2012?  Any books you would recommend for me? Can any of you teach me how to sew?

Dec 22, 2011

Can't Wait: Merry Christmas!

Christmas is less than 72 hours away and I'm giggling with excitement! K and I are going to my best friend's house in CT for the holidays and we leave tomorrow. This will be the first time I spend Christmas away from PR and my family and that makes me very sad. But, at the same time, I'm trying to look at this as an opportunity to start making our own holiday traditions as a new family. I can't wait to:

Snuggle up with my hubby...

Open a few fun presents...

Sleep in...

Celebrate with my best friend/maid of honor/sister...

 Get all prettied up...

Put on my party pants and tallest heels...

And toast to our first Christmas as a married couple!

Where are you spending this Christmas?
Wherever it is I hope you have a Happy and Merry Christmas!

p.s. I will be taking tomorrow off from blogging so I will be back here after Christmas (woohooo!) on Tuesday. Have an amazing Christmas weekend, luvies!

Dec 21, 2011

If I Had It My Way...

If I had it my way, this would be my dream NYE outfit. I love the thought of wearing a blush toned dress with a black lace overlay and dazzling accessories. This Alice by Temperley dress should be mine... really should be. Wouldn't you feel like the Duchess of Cambridge in it?!

Latest and Greatest: BB Dakota

I'm obsessed with my latest purchase. It fits like a glove and the price couldn't be better. I'm thinking I can dress it up with black pumps, tights, and statement sparkly necklace or down with a gray cozy cardi and boots. Thoughts?
BB Dakota Amy Dress

Dec 20, 2011

Design Style: Foyers

You know what they say about first impressions... they're pretty important. Well, the foyer is the first impression your guests will receive when entering your home so you want to make sure the design and style you use in this room conveys the message you want - welcome home! I can't wait to have our own humble abode with a nice little foyer to decorate any way we want. Until then, I can dream and pin images of what my foyer will look like...
Design by Jonathan Adler
Design by Ned Marshall
Design by Betsy Burnham
Design by Susan Ferrier
Design by McGill Design Group
I dream of high ceilings, clean and breezy looks, hints of bright tones, mirrors, and fresh flowers as part of my dream foyer. Are you like me and dream of what your future home will look like? Stop by my Pinterest page and check out what other things I'm dreaming of lately...

Dec 19, 2011

A Sparkly Holiday {Guest Post} Erika of small shop

I'm beyond excited to have Erika from small shop over at FT today! I'm a big fan of Erika's style and her blog is a must read for me every single day. She has a brilliant eye for design, impeccable taste, and her home is seriously to die for. Ok, can you tell I'm a big fan? Take it away, Erika...
Hello! I'm Erika from small shop, thrilled that Viv asked me to come over and help get us in the holiday spirit. I suppose it's no surprise that I would pick a sparkly, shiny theme, as it appears to be all the rage this year. But how fun to be looking for gifts while shopping for our own New Year's outfits? Two birds, one stone, I say.
[ 1 ] Chanel "Illusion D'Ombre" eye shadow, $36 [ 2 ] Pop Rock Diamond Ring bottle opener, $12 [ 3 ] Sam Edelman studded Scarlett pumps, $199 [ 4 ] Vince gold sequined dress, $495 [ 5 ] 100 Years of Fashion Illustration, $26 [ 6 ] Deborah Lippman "Believe" nail lacquer, $16 [ 7 ] Orrefors "Carat" votive candle holder, $35 [ 8 ] Madewell "Sweet Bella" shimmer pouch, $52 [ 9 ] Bauble Bar 4-tier crystal cuff, $38
Hope you have a sparkly holiday -- I know I will!

Dec 18, 2011

Football Sunday Craving: 3.1 Phillip Lim

The party last night was a success. We ate, mingled, drank, sang, and caught up with good friends. Today, I'm exhausted. And what's better than football and online shopping on a cold lazy Sunday?!
3.1 Phillip Lim
p.s. Have you checked out the crazy sale going on at Barneys? You MUST. I have decided that I need this, this, and this.

Dec 16, 2011

For The Weekend

I'm hosting my first ever holiday party tomorrow night and I'm beyond excited! I get to use my pretty china, serve yummy food in the silver platters we received as wedding gifts, decorate the house even more (!!), and dress up. What else could a girl want? We will have 9 people over for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. I'll be preparing a pasta antipasto salad, bacon wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese, little pigs in a blanket, mini chicken quesadillas, and some lemon and thyme bruschetta. Tonight will be spent prepping the house and starting some things up in the kitchen. My mom will be so proud!
Wish me luck tomorrow! And have a fantastic weekend, loves!

The Braided Bun

I'm dying to bring this look to life for a black tie wedding we have in Puerto Rico the first weekend of January. I usually don't wear my hair up, but the whole braid + bun idea has me gaga. I must be brave and try it stat. What are your thoughts on this glamorous look?


Dec 15, 2011

Topshop Floral Frock

Ever since I saw a picture of Rachel Bilson rocking the Topshop Red Rose Patch Dress - with a Vanessa Bruno blazer, Shoe Mint pumps, and Chanel bag - I've been dying to copy the look. Isn't she just so pretty and stylish?!


Best and Worst Gifts {Guest Post} Jillian of Cornflake Dreams

hello there! it's jillian from cornflake dreams and i'm excited to talk gifts today and go over some of the best (and WORST) gifts i have given and recived over the years....


BEST gift evvver:
i adopted a dolphin! i was 9 and i wanted to be a dolphin trainer.. i got a fancy poster, certificate and a little stuffed animal and i was beyond proud to be a part of "saving" a dolphin.

close runner-up:
a puppy! yep my family suprised me with the cutest (and tinest) little jack russell terrier. i named her holly.

WORST gift:
a shrek chia pet. it was from an ex-boyfriend and the chia pet smellllled and was dead within days.

BEST given:
last year i went ga-ga on the photo albums and made my parents and two brothers photo albums of old family pictures...they were a big hit! (i also made a photobook of a trip to NOLA for my fiance).

WORST given:
i'm pretty sure i have given my dad socks a few years in a row. so very bad of me. who really wants socks?!

so dish, what's the best & worst gift you have given someone or have recieved?

jillian from cornflakedreams
Thanks Jillian for stopping by FT today!! I'm not sure what I would do if I ever received a chia pet as a xmas gift! What are the best and worst gifts you have received?

Dec 14, 2011

Tweet, Tweet

Ok, GREAT news! I FINALLY joined the Twitter community! I know, I'm about 2 years late, but hey, better late than never. Look me up (@viv_fashiontruf) and follow my adventures as I learn to navigate Twitter and share any updates, obsessions, and all things fashion and style with you! See you there!


All About the Pouf

I've been obsessing over these cushion-y leather ottomans known as the poufs. They come in every color imaginable and can be used to add a little spunk to any room in your home. The metallic ones are my personal favorites, but, needless to say, I want one - in any color.

What's not to love?