Apr 18, 2012

Makeup Essentials

Every girl knows there's a few beauty products they can't live without. I try to keep my daily makeup routine simple - concealer, light pink blush or bronzer, and mascara. However, for a fun night out in the town I usually add some eye shadow (browns are my go-to eye shadow colors), eye liner, some powder, and, of course, a fun lip color to look a little more put together. Today I wanted to give a quick shout out to my favorite makeup products - the ones I can't live without. What are your makeup essentials? I always love learning about new ones so do tell.


  1. fabulous picks!! www.fashionifancy.com

  2. great post! i love my dior air flash foundation! excellent coverage! and my dior lipstick and gloss! goes with me everywhere!

  3. I die for anything Nars. For some reason all the colors and textures work best for me. Xoxo

  4. donde esta can i try on the lila lipsticks?

  5. I have a new lip glow from Dior that I am loving- actually including it in a post tomorrow! I loved hearing yor favorites!!

  6. I always need a good primer - a little primer goes a long way :)

    After that I keep it simple, kiehls balm #1, brow pencil, mix a little moisturizer and foundation together for natural coverage and maybe a light dusting of blush on my cheeks and a swipe of mascara :)

    And always a highlighting eye cream!

  7. I keep seeing Tom Ford lipstick everywhere! I've been wanting to try it but my goodness is it spendy!

  8. I'm so glad you posted these! I keep thinking I needed to go back to your makeup bag feature on The Vault Files bc I need a new eyeliner. And I'm dying to check out that TF lipstick!

  9. One of my favorite makeup items is the Nars illuminator - I don't wear it every day, but it gives a subtle glow when I do. And a little goes a long way, so I don't feel like the price is ridiculous.

  10. just got the benefit mascara a few weeks ago and I am completely obsessed!!! that nars lipgloss looks like the perfect color! I can't live without my Nars Casino bronzer.


  11. I just adore Chanel Inimitable mascara. can't live without it.

  12. Ohhh I'm so wanting to try out some of Tom Ford's makeup line... I have a pair of his sunglasses that I worship so I don't doubt I would be madly in love with their makeup!

  13. Great roundup!!! I am such a dummy when it comes to makeup but I would really like to try some Tom Ford lipstick. The colors are so pretty!!! xo Elizabeth

  14. I'm intrigued by that Tom Ford eye palette, it looks so pretty! Great pieces!

  15. I recently discovered the Ilia lipsticks and love them.

  16. I love the color of that TF lipstick, bookmarking it! ;)

  17. I really love ILIA lip conditioners as well as Tom Ford lipsticks (more so for the tube itself, although the colors are gorgeous too)! ;)

  18. Thank you for following www.coupon-kitchen.com. I love your site and Benefit's Hello, Flawless! is definitely a staple in my beauty bag :)

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