Jun 4, 2012

Cool Sunday

This weekend was so much fun. We got to celebrate being done with exams and spent some great quality time with some of our closest friends. The weather cooperated too - perfect sun and warmth - so we headed to Brooklyn for a nice little BBQ. These new pants from Ann Taylor have proven to be an amazing investment (and a $27 investment since I got them on sale!) They're cool, soft, comfy, and floral! 
Pants: Ann Taylor (on sale!), Shirt: J.Crew (on sale!), Shoes: ShoeMint, Bag: YSL, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bracelets: Eleven11 c/o, Hermes, Soria Z. Jewelry c/o.


  1. I so need a pair of floral pants in my life- loves.

  2. So cute, Viv! Ann Taylor has totally stepped it up this season- love it all! Glad you had time to relax and enjoy the weather. Xo

  3. Cute! And I love those sandals, I tried to get them but shoe mint doesn't take purchases outside the US, bummer!

  4. Love the pants and love that last picture of you guys!

  5. Great outfit and that last picture is the CUTEST! xo

  6. what a fun weekend look! I have a feeling I'd live in those pants if I owned them!

  7. aw your last picture is so sweet :) not a bad investment at all! they look so comfy and flowy- perfect for a summer bbq

  8. loving your pants!! also, isn't it a great feeling being done with exams?!

  9. Awww that last pic is adorable. Love the pants and sandals!! Super cute outfit!! xoxo Elizabeth

  10. love your pants!
    such adorable pictures!
    you look great!

    xoxo Lil

  11. So cute! I love your pants! They look super cute and so comfy! xo

  12. Awww that last pic makes me smile Viv! And agree with everyone else, those pants are awesome!

  13. Cute, Viv! Congrats on being done studying - must be such a relief!

  14. you're so cute! looks like a great weekend!

  15. Love those soft pants. They look so cute with sandals.

  16. You're so pretty! I love those pants! #newfollower


  17. You are so cute!! I have those sandals in leopard. Love them!
    Congrats on finishing your exams!

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  19. Congrats Viv! Those pants look so crazy comfortable. I've been thinking about investing in something similar for summer... Also, have been meaning to email you so we can get together - doing that now!


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