Jul 10, 2012

Protect Your Pumps

How sad is it when our favorite shoes get ruined? New York was made for walking and these sidewalks are not the nicest to our precious shoes. I personally have a pretty significant shoe obsession and try to protect them as best as possible to prevent the heartache of having to throw them down the trash chute. Well, fret not because I would like to introduce you to Protect Your Pumps, a new creative way to protect your  shoesies. Let's hear a bit more about the product from Kathryn herself...
1. WHY I CREATED PROTECT YOUR PUMPS: I created this product because like most women, I have a serious shoe addiction. I marvel at the designs of Jimmy Choo, Miu Miu, Brian Atwood, and Giuseppe Zanotti!! I also love my Steve Madden, Aldo, Jessica Simpson, Dolce Vita, and Kelsi Dagger pumps. It doesnt matter if I spend $60 or $600 on my shoes I can not stand when the bottoms get dirty and scratched up really quickly. While some people don’t care how the bottom of their shoes looks, it is not ideal to sit down, cross your legs wearing a beautiful pair of Giuseppes and you show the world your soles which look like they have just been in a fight and drug through the mud!" Our customers have used Protect Your Pumps with great success on brands such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Dolce Vita, Seychelles, Badgley Mischka and many more. 

2. BRIEF PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Protect Your Pumps is a protective non slip transparent adhesive. The adhesive is placed on the bottom of the shoe (sole). It is designed for shoes that have a leather sole. The adhesive will need be changed after several wears, many customers have gotten over 9 wears out of one pair! The adhesive will attract some dirt, yet it will keep your shoes protected.

To Protect or Not Protect, that is the question.
Isn't this brilliant?! I certainly think so and my shoes really appreciate it! Now, if you're interested, Kathryn has been kind enough to offer FT readers a 15% discount off your purchase. You just need to use code "truffles" and tada! Enjoy, luvies!


  1. Hiiii if there really expenxive shoes i will but if there not i wont care much great post xoxo lia

  2. Now that is a fantastic idea. These are going to be a hit for sure.

  3. I originally saw this fabulous company over on Makeunder Your Life/ Business with Intention about it's rebranding and instantly fell in love! Such a great concept!

  4. Love your blog - just clicked through and added you to my Google Reader! :) Can't wait to read more, alsoooo can't wait to make those turkey/cilantro meatballs. These shoe protectors are genius, what an awesome idea. -L

  5. Great idea!! CL's are the worst!! You would think if you were spending that much that you wouldn't have to re-sole very often! I would def. use this for them!! xoxo Elizabeth

  6. I've heard of this before! I can't remember where though! Way too cool - such a fabulous idea! I should invest in these.

  7. It's something that you never think about...but it's so true! What a good idea!

  8. Umm protect your pumps=genius!! I had never heard of such a thing!! Definitely plan on checking it out...thanks for sharing!!




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