Aug 3, 2012

His Name Will Be Ernie

I've been begging the Mr. for a puppy for what feels like forever. I have a name picked out and everything. Yes, you guessed it. His name will be Ernesto or Ernie, for short. He will be a French Bulldog - small and chubby and perfectly adorable. Just like this little guy below. Any ideas on how to convince the hubby?


  1. Hope so you are going to get your Ernie soon :)
    Dogs bring so much love into life <3

  2. Suggestions:
    A. Bring one home and say you found him wandering the streets and just couldn't stand the thought of leaving him.
    B. Start sending him pictures of pups in emails saying meet your new son...Ernie! haha
    That's all I have for now...will keep thinking :)


    Dominique @ http://comfycozycouture.blogspot.com

  3. ....surprise him...just go buy erine. I mean who could say no to that adorable face!

  4. Oh my goodness.. adorable! We're actually the opposite.. my Mr has been begging me for YEARS for a pup and my excuse is always our condo is too small. Well... we just put an offer in on a new and bigger condo this week so it looks like we'll have a pup very shortly! I know I'll love it but i just don't want the extra work! Good luck on your quest for Ernie!


  5. I agree - surprise him! He won't be able to resist :) I was surprised with our pup and there was no going back from there!!

    xo Caitlin

  6. I can't tell you how badly my mom has been wanting a french bulldog. She BEGS my dad for one (but they already have a dog at the moment). I don't think my dad is really into having two dogs at once but we will see!! Ernesto is a precious little name for a super cute baby!

  7. Find the FB page for the local shelters in your area. Then start posting pics/sending him links of adorable dogs that need to be adopted nearby. My friends back east do this and I fall in love with a new pitbull every. single. time.

  8. Omg stop!!!! Cutest thing in the world!! Especially the name.

  9. He's so cute - good luck with hubby - just ask him a moment of weakness!

    ♥ Melissah from Scrapbook

  10. Does he ever want kids? Great practice!
    And NY is the perfect place for a dog! My shiba was much more social in NY than she is now. It's healthy for owners too, as you'll be forced to get out more!
    I love our puppies, and let me tell you when I was going thru my miscarriages, they were the best things for me. Unconditional love.

  11. French bulldogs are my favorite! - and this is a cute blog!



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