Aug 14, 2012

Jewels For Every Occasion Pinterest Contest!

I'm sure you all already know all about my love for jewelry. Today I want to introduce you all to MADE WITH, an online magazine that features over 300 creations by 85 top international designers, all made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. The mini online publication is currently featuring the Jewels For Every Occasion collection which includes some seriously stunning pieces split up into five different categories: A Street Car Named Desire, Everyday Chic, Night Fever, That Special Occasion, Work it Girl! 

A Street Car Named Desire
Everyday Chic
Night Fever
That Special Occasion
Work It Girl!
Everyday Chic
Now, some fun stuff. Swarovski Elements has invited all FT readers to participate in their Jewels For Every Occasion Pinterest contest. The favorite five boards will win a copy of the MADE WITH publication, sparkling SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED jewelry and some more goodies!
Here's what you'll need to do:
- Find the example #jewels4evryoccasion board to inspire you in your creation
- Create your own Pinterest board named #jewels4everyoccasion
- Populate your board with jewelry and look for inspiration around the following occasions. Make sure to hashtag each occasion accordingly: 
• Every Day Chic (#everydaychic)
• Work it Girl! (#workitgirl)
• A Street Named Desire (#streetdesire)
• Night Fever (#nightfever)
• That Special Occasion (#celebration)
- You have to have at least one pin inspiration for each of the five occasions to have a complete entry
- Once your board is complete, shorten the board link and tweet it to @Swarovski and let us know you completed the #jewels4everyoccasion contest

The contest will end on August 31, 2012.

Good luck, luvies!


  1. very cool!! These are all so pretty!

  2. love the silver pearl and rhinestone necklace, very bodacious. i like to emulate similar looks by combining my beads with my brooches; it works well!


  3. thanks for the follow girl! love all these jewels...! following right back :)


  4. These are GORGEOUS jewels!! and such pretty clothes on the models! xo

  5. Sounds like an awesome giveaway! I will look into it! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing! I am creating my board now!

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