Oct 10, 2012

Life Updates

I feel like this year is flying by. Do you agree? I also feel like I haven't given you guys a life update in a while so let's begin...
1. We're 19 days away from our first wedding anniversary and it's so surreal. It feels like our wedding was yesterday. Literally.
2. Remember what happened with our original honeymoon plans? Well, Kenny and I booked our second honeymoon/Asia trip a few weeks ago. We'll be going to Thailand for two weeks in January and I can hardly contain my excitement. Any recommendations?
3. There will be three new babies in our family come January. No, not my babies, but pretty darn exciting still. My two sister in laws are preggers. One with twinsies (boy and girl) and one with a onesie (but we won't know the sex until he/she is born!) Summary - I will be an aunt to a total of five Munchkins.
4. Don't know if you noticed, but the blog got a little makeover. Victoria of Vivaleur is seriously amazing. She made all my blog design dreams come true. Now, how do you like it?
5. The next few months will be a bit crazy with events and travel. In addition to our first anniversary at the end of month, we have the wedding of one of my besties in DC, my sister in law's shower, Christmas in Puerto Rico, and a few other things on the calendar. I also have some exciting things going on in the blog so stay tuned for those!

Ok luvies, I think I just updated you on a few fun things that are going on right now. Be back tomorrow with some fashion and style.


  1. Love what Victoria did! And Thailand! I've been 3 times, it's amazing! Where in Thailand are you guys going?

  2. So many exciting things happening for you!!

  3. How exciting! I bet you're such a "cool Aunt" :) Yall are going to have a blast in Asia! Oh & your blog looks great!! xo

  4. Oh I love this. Haha I agree with Landi. You will be a cool aunt. I try to be, but now that I have nieces that are 8 and 9, EVERYTHING I do is embarrassing. Can't believe you have THREE on the way. How exciting about Thailand. I just pinned a pic of one of the Four Season there where you can feed elephants! Ughg So amazing!! xoxo

  5. Omg, can't believe almost a yeaer!! So many exciting things! XO

  6. Isn't it amazing how fast time goes by???

  7. Wow, you do have a lot going on! All fun and exciting things. Can't wait to hear about all of it! :)

  8. The new blog look- looks great! You have a pretty packed end of the year, but it sounds so fun! I hope you have something exciting planned for your first anniversary :)


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