Jan 31, 2013

Travel Recap: Bangkok

The Summer Palace in Ayutthaya
Bangkok was... interesting. It was hot and humid.. and kinda dirty. Maybe it was the combination of serious jet lag, the weather, and the craziness of a big city that made me not really love it. Don't get me wrong - If you're in Thailand then you must visit Bangkok, but I definitely wouldn't spend more than two days here. There's lots of temples, gardens, and sites, but how many temples can you see in one day before you're seriously temple-d out? Needless to say, we really did get a taste for the hectic and crowded city and got to visit some incredible sites like the huge reclining Buddha, the Royal Palace (they're currently having an awesome exhibit of the Queen's silk dresses - some made by Balmain), Ayutthaya (the previous capital of Thailand), the unbelievable wholesale flower and vegetable markets, and some delish restaurants.

Some ruins at the old capital of Ayutthaya
Fresh fish at the food market.
Floating shops along the river boat tour we took. 
100 roses for 30-40 Baht (30 Baht = $1 USD) RIDIC
Watching the process of silk weaving from the silk balls laid by silk worms (so interesting!) - at Jim Thompson's house.


  1. Looks like you're having a great time!! XOXO Love all of the photos!!

  2. Yeah, I do remember that from Bangkok, smelly and dirty, but so cheap! Can't believe the price of the roses, well, actually I can ;) I remember that the Royal Palace was one of my favorites ;)

  3. Great photos! I have never been but I think the hectic crowded city would overwhelm me too.

  4. Hmmm very interesting to hear. I have heard it's super cheap. If I ever go, I'd love to spend like a day in Bangkok and then just go to the beach for 7 days!! xo

  5. Those roses look like heaven! So pretty, looks like ou are having so much fun!

  6. Pretty...but yes I've heard similar things about Bangkok. Have been loving your travel updates.

  7. Ahh your trip looks amazing. Super jealous!

    x Kelsey

  8. I have also visited Bangkok two time. Its beautiful country. All the necessities of life is very cheap and every one can live and enjoy very easily. People are very co-operative.

  9. Thanks for sharing this article.


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