Feb 11, 2013

NYFW Days 2-4

Some of the amazing Marissa Webb Fall/Winter 2013 looks. I particularly loved her statement outerwear pieces - very sophisticated and structured. I seriously need that camel coat with fur.
Rebecca Taylor created some feminine looks using lots of midnight blue, plums, and violets. The structured blazers and vests caught my eye as soon as they hit the runway.
Alon Livne is a new-to-me designer and he rocked his presentation. The inspiration behind it was a post-apocalyptic world and the cuts and beading were unbelievable. Look at the back of that dress!
After a truly insane day of running around in the snowy streets of the Lincoln Center area, I met up with some blogger pals (Kat, Lauren, Liz, Jess, Jena, Hallie, and Kylie) for a fun dinner at The Smith in the East Village. I think the mac and cheese cured all our sorrows and frost-bitten feet.


  1. Viv, I can tell that you're having such a great time! :)

  2. Looks like a great time! The Marissa Webb coat with fur is beautiful.

  3. What a fun weekend!

  4. Wow, looks like a fabulous few days you've had! I'd never heard of Alon Livne before a few days ago either until so many people started sharing the stunning dresses on Instagram. I'm so in love with those Marissa Webb coats too. LOVING that camel/fur one as well.

    xo Jenny

  5. The Alon designs are amazing

  6. I am loving looking at all of your NYFW pictures!! Looks like so much fun!! I cannot even imagine the excitement!

  7. Oh snap! I made the blog..woohoo!!!! Great pics! xo

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