Feb 19, 2013

Sponsor Welcome: Fish Indie

I've been working with Fish Indie for a few months now so I think it's time for a formal introduction. Fish Indie is a subscription-based ad network designed to showcase specific Etsy products on blogs. There's a little banner there on the right-hand side and it's constantly updating to show a different product from the Etsy world. It's such a unique idea and fabulous marketing for small Etsy vendors that want their names and products to be seen around the blogosphere. So, here are some new products/shops I've discovered thanks to Fish Indie.

Sea Green and Coral Necklace from the shop heartsabustin
Blue Teal Hand Painted Earrings from the shop oBocreations
Blue Jasper and Gold Triangle Necklace from the shop PrettyPany
Teal Necklace from the shop Kristen M Creations
Heart Hand-stitched Key Rings from the shop takakutsu
Cat on Cushions Greeting Cards/ Whimsical Art Print from the shop late night drawing
Mini Bracelets from the shop Native Hearts
You can follow Fish Indie on Twitter and Facebook and if you happen to be the mastermind behind an Etsy shop then I suggest you get on this! It's such a great way to market your shop! 


  1. It's great to see how much talent their is on Etsy!

  2. Thank you so much for posting my necklace - what a great post! :D

  3. That first necklace is such a stunner! And the whole concept is really great for Etsy artists.
    grey et al

  4. So many cute Etsy finds, love the last bracelet!


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