Feb 4, 2013

Travel Recap: Chiang Mai

With Tarah, the 2 month old baby elephant at Tat Patara.
Chiang Mai, located about 100 km South of Chiang Rai, was our third stop. The city is absolutely wonderful, filled with lovely people, some of the best restaurants in the country and some beautiful sites. We did a lot in the three shot days we were there. We took a fantastic Thai cooking class (we learned to make Tom Yum Soup, coconut soup, pad thai, and more), visited with some cutie elephants at the Tat Patara elephant camp, attended a Thai music and dance show at the Le Grand Lanna restaurant, checked out the immense (and pretty crazy) Sunday market, and got our very first Thai massages.

Le Grand Lanna Thai music and dance show. 
Showing off our culinary creations at the Best Thai Cookery School.
The Sunday Market when it was still early and pretty empty.
The wholesale veggie market sells so many different types of rice!


  1. Great post! A friend of mine visited this area and had a wonderful time too. How lovely to learn how to cook the traditional Thai dishes. We visited Bangkok a few years ago and I would love to return to this amazing country.

  2. I love all these photos! I have always wanted to visit and can like vicariously thru you until I make it happen. That market looks awesome.

  3. Wow lovely pics!!
    I really like your blog!
    I follow you right now
    hope you follow back :)
    Ila. from Italy.

  4. I've been waiting for this travel recap-- looks like such an amazing trip! X

  5. That baby elephant, so adoreable! Your trip looks amazing!

  6. Just LOVE all these recaps! I am devouring every little bit -i will have to send you an email!

  7. OMG OMG OMG I am dying over the first picture. I need to hear all about the babies!!! Looks like so much fun. That's so fun that y'all took a cooking class!! xo

  8. So refreshing post. I really love the photos. :)
    Would you like to follow each other? Follow me and i'll be happy to follow you back. :)

  9. your trip looks amazing. Hope you are enjoying every minute of it!

  10. trip looks amazing!!!! so jealous :) www.fashionifancy.com

  11. This looks like an incredible experience! And I'm having a serious "awwww" moment over that baby elephant!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  12. I loved all of your photos on IG. And I think that's so awesome you guys took a cooking class together! :)


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