Mar 18, 2013

Five Things

Have you heard of the new meme going around the blogosphere? It's all about sharing five things about yourself - which is sometimes very hard to do. But let's get real. Everyone has some fun facts about themselves as well as problems, a crazy family member (or two or three), some fears, and some things they're not proud of. Well, today it's my turn to get real on Fashion Truffles and share some fun facts (or scary, anxiety provoking, crazy things) that most of you don't know about me. Victoria started last week and Liz tagged me on her post so I guess it's my turn to open up - eek. Here goes...

1. I'm a VERY anxious person. As in "uh oh I'm getting a panic attack" kind of anxiety. It's not fun to live with this, but it's manageable and it could be way worse. I've learned to recognize "triggers," but sometimes the panicked feeling just surfaces for no apparent reason. Like I said, not fun. This post on The Everygirl a few weeks ago helped remind me that there's a lot of people out there that live with extreme anxiety and I'm definitely not alone on this.

2. I've never had a dog and really, really want one. I actually email my husband a picture of a different frenchie almost every day just so he gets the message. I hope to introduce you to Ernie, the frenchie, (yes, his name will be Ernie) some time very soon.

3. I'm an only child. This definitely comes with some perks but also some intense pressure and stress. My parents depend on me a lot now that they're older and both are sick so this can be very stressful. Plus, they're far away so we don't get to see each other as much as we'd like to. 
Extra bonus: I want to have more than one child.

4. In the past two years I have become an avid reader. But not the kind of reader that likes intellectual books but the kind that likes sappy, romantic, and sometimes YA novels (YA as in Young Adult). Maybe I'm just a teenager at heart?

5. I'm addicted to word puzzles. I know, I'm a total nerd. Instead of downloading fun fashion, health, or photography apps on my iPhone I have an insane amount of word puzzle games. Have you heard of Word Warp? I just beat my highest score yesterday and am now ranked. Ha! I told you, total nerd.

So now it's my turn to tag! Woop woop. I choose Alison, Gaby, Alyssa, Sara and Lauren.

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  1. I hear ya... I get very anxious too. I loved that TEG feature, too!

  2. Really Cool...Thank you for sharing :)

  3. you are so cute! great post :) you might have convinced me to do something similar!


  4. I love word puzzles too, well any puzzles for that matter! I love this 5 things post-and aren't Frenchie pups just the cutest?

    Dominique {ComfyCozyCouture.blogspot.com}

  5. love this! i grew up an only child too and i will never have just one baby. you're right in that it puts so much pressure on you as the only kid.

  6. Whoa! You work fast!!! OK you and my husband are both avid readers and love word puzzles! I wish I liked to challenge my brain like y'all! I know EXACTLY what you mean with the anxiety. I stress over the dumbest, smallest things, but luckily have not had many panic attacks. Thank goodness for medicine!! Oh if you want, I can email Kenny pics of frenchies too! hahaa! They are the cutest!! Thanks for sharing Viv!!

  7. I just loved to know more about your real you. :)

  8. I love reading these posts! My best guy friend suffers from panic attacks and they are so scary ... like wake up in the middle of the night and can't breathe!
    Oh, and I love the fact that you email your husband daily pictures, if I had to guess you are totally getting a dog soon!

  9. Hello I am Emily and I also super anxious, loved reading this!

  10. I love getting to know you even more - I also have anxiety - so know that you're never alone! I'm also an only child, but having close girlfriends makes it a bit better :)


  11. Haha I think I'm a teenager at heart too, such a hopeless romantic! I often think of giving Matthew a sibling so that he doesn't feel like you do...if I ever have another child it would mainly be for that reason. I got to work on those 5 now :)

  12. I love that this is going around - it's so fun reading about my fave bloggers and thinking "OMG me too!" (re: anxiety, wanting a puppy, reading YA novels) - So nice to get to know more about you!!

  13. I didn't know you were an only child! I am too! I hear you about the pressure. While my parents aren't in need of my care yet, I did grow up with need to please them. I felt like they only had one shot to have a kid worth bragging to their friends about, and that kid had to be me. Note that they never said any of this to me, it was all in my own head, which like you, results in anxiety. My pup, Frank, really helps calm me down and remind me of life's little joys. Feel free to use my story as an example in convincing your hubby to breakdown and get you Ernie!

  14. So great to hear more about you Viv! It is crazy how many people suffer from anxiety - me too. And you should totally get a dog, they are the best:)

    Thanks for tagging me, my post will be up tomorrow!

  15. I love this! I am obsessed with getting a dog too....It's all I think about! Thanks for tagging me, mine will be up this weekend! :)

  16. I am right with you on the anxiety and the dogs :) Wish I could kill the anxiety and get my dream dog to cuddle with my by my side


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