Apr 25, 2013

A Dose of Cobalt

Cobalt is one of those colors that automatically transports me to the beach - to warm, sunny days. And that's exactly where I want to be transported today. It's warming up in New York, but it's nowhere near the summer temperatures I'm currently craving. I want to lay on a beach, sip on a pina colada, and fall sleep listening to the sound of the waves crashing. I'm in that kind of mood. Sadly I won't be seeing a beach until Memorial Day weekend when I'm flying solo to Puerto Rico to visit my parents. In the meantime, these images will have to satisfy my beach and cobalt blue cravings... and this silk blouse and J.Crew maxi dress could definitely add to that satisfaction.

Because I'm Addicted, Tuula, Thank God I'm a Girl, Tower of Tara


  1. Pops of cobalt have to be one of my favorite style accents lately. It's such a bold, "look at me" color!

  2. I am obsessed with cobalt, but I only have one blouse and one pair of cobalt pumps. I feel like too much of it and I would look like smurfette. I wear the pumps with everything!

  3. The first and last outfits are amazing!!!!! I love the plum and cobalt together! Of course, I would never think to put it together but it works xo


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