Apr 17, 2013

Trending Red and New Orleans

(first time trying crawfish!)

I think it's time to give you a quick recap of our weekend in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. We sipped wine, chatted with old and new friends, celebrated our friend's nuptials, strolled through the old streets of New Orleans, had beignets at Cafe du Monde, indulged in some amazing shrimp and grits at NOLA, and even got a little shopping done. All in all, a very successful, fun and productive weekend. Now it's already Wednesday and I have a busy few days ahead of me. Work, a few meetings after the 9-5, a romantic date night to celebrate the hubby's new job, and a work trip to Mexico City. Stay tuned this weekend on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates from Mexico. 

They All Hate Us, Tower of Tara, Thank God I'm a Girl, Who What Wear

p.s. I'm also over at Alison's blog - Heart of Gold and Luxury - discussing tuxedo striped pants so stop on by!


  1. I've never tried crawfish, but sounds fun! Guess I'll need a trip to New Orleans to do it ; ) x

  2. New Orleans is one of my favorite cities!!! Love these photos!

  3. I love New Orleans! I was there in college for a football game and it's a place I've been dying to get back to!

  4. I' d like to go to New Orlean. It' s my big dream :*
    Great photos :)

  5. such an inspirational post!
    Love it!



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