Apr 15, 2013

Work It

Touchy subject for a Monday morning, I know. I used to be anti working out when I first moved to NYC. I was 22 years old and had never played a sport in my life - not even kidding. Well, my world got rocked when I gained more weight than I can even disclose and I had to enroll in a GYM. "What a horrific idea," I thought. However, with time, the gym became part of my routine and now I can't go more than a few days at a time without some sort of exercise. I'm not saying I'm fit or even in shape but I'm at a happy place and feel healthy. The changes took time and figuring out a routine that didn't bore me to death took even longer. What do I do to work out? Spinning has become my favorite way of burning calories and nervous energy. It's like a body and mind detox. No joke. And where do I spin? Flywheel! The instructors are great and I love the competitive edge it adds. I do still love a good run but find that my body reacts to spinning in better ways and definitely faster. Now, how do you burn the fat? Do tell.

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  1. running and watching what I EAT are the best ways for me to feel healthy and happy. It always seems to be a catch-22 though because the more I run, the more I feel entitled to eat...ice cream, chips, etc. I think it really is all about finding a happy medium! Thanks for a great post.
    xo, ann e

  2. I LOVE spinning! I played sports growing up but have never been a fan of running. I totally wish I was but my mind has a total block on it. I've been spinning for 3 years and my gym also has some amazing instructors which can make a HUGE difference!

  3. Love Spinning!!! I just took my husband to flywheel yesterday and he liked it so much that he is willing to combine his regular workout routine with some spinning classes. Thanks for the post.

  4. Crossfit and running! I love spinning to but just can't afford both a Crossfit gym and a spinning gym membership - it'd be $400+ a month!

  5. Is it horrible that I really want that grey romper? I would wear that everywhere.


  6. Thank you honey!
    Great inspo to finally get my ass up again. Last summer I lost about 7 kilos with healthy nutrition and sports, but since I'm in cold and icy sweden (yeah, it's still really snowy up here) I just can't find the right motivation to go out!


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  8. im in that stage of my life too where if i don't get exercise in every day or every couple of days then i feel off, i don't feel right


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