May 22, 2013

Line To Love: Beyond Yoga

I had the amazing opportunity of chatting with Jodi, founder of Beyond Yoga, a few days ago. Beyond Yoga is a line of comfortable and versatile activewear all made here in the US of A. This line's pieces are exactly the kind of thing I like to wear when I'm running out to the bank or grocery store or for the very important yoga or spinning class. There's nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable clothes to work out in. And you probably know and agree that looking good while working out is an instant motivator. So, without further ado, I leave you with Jodi and the short interview we did...

Tell me a little about how you got started? What were the career steps and inspiration that led you to start Beyond Yoga?
I knew there was a big opportunity in the marketplace. My mom has been very involved in yoga since I was a little girl so the seed was planted at a very young age. When I left the PR world to teach yoga I knew there was something more I wanted to do. I was inspired by my friends and my own busy schedule and thought that a high end chic line of yoga clothing that could support the busy lives of today's modern woman was in demand. Today we go from carpool to yoga, to work and out to lunch with friends so creating a wardrobe that supports this lifestyle was something that was true to me. It was equally important to me that the line fit and flattered everybody and every body - so it was of utmost importance that styles fit everyone from size 0 to size 16.

Do you have plans to expand your company? If so, what other categories would you love to do?
We have expanded slowly and recently into men's and maternity. Our new maternity line, BEYOND the bump, is set to launch soon and I'm very excited.

Who would you love to see wearing Beyond Yoga?
EVERYONE who celebrates beauty form the inside out but I won't discriminate those who are also beautiful on the outside too!!

Who do you most admire?
People with real self confidence and self love - not arrogance - just those really comfortable and happy with who they are in their own skin.

What lessons have you learned starting your own business ?
It takes a lot of hard work and many years of 24/7/365 but the payoff is rewarding beyond words.

What is a Saturday morning like in your house?
Depends on the weekend - I have step children and they are with us every other weekend - so on those weekends it all depends when they wake up. It's mostly about their schedule and finding quality time to spend together as a family. On children-free weekends - I love to pull down the black out shades and sleep in and spend quality time with my hubby. I got married less than 3 years ago so I cherish our alone time!! No matter what, Saturdays always start early with my favorite spin class at Soul Cycle in Santa Monica with Gina and breakfast with a few of my best friends at FIG in the Fairmont Hotel - yum!

Follow Beyond Yoga on Facebook and Twitter and shop the line here.


  1. Thank you for the introduction, I am a yoga fanatic so I will have to check this line out!

  2. One of my new years resolutions was to start yoga regularly-- this just jumpstarted my motivation! Love it.

  3. Always looking for new yoga gear!

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