May 30, 2013

Looking Back

I have learned to appreciate the summer months more and more while living in NYC. Summer Fridays kick in after Memorial Day and the city is more alive than ever with the warm summer air and tons of outdoor events, street fairs and festivals. Of course I do miss when the summer time meant having a few months of lounging around and traveling - you know, the time before 9 to 5s came into play. However, having to work all week long makes me appreciate the summer weekends away and even the "staycations" so much more. Today I want to visit with the ghosts of summers past and reminisce on two of my favorite summers. 

First of all, no summer will ever top the summer when Kenny and I got engaged - the summer of 2010. We celebrated with family and friends over the Fourth of July weekend, took trips to Puerto Rico, Bethany Beach, and Block Island and I was just on an engagement high. Wedding planning can get really stressful so it was nice to enjoy the summer and  celebrate with loved ones before diving into the knitty gritty of wedding planning. 

My second favorite summer in history would be the summer of 2004. I had spent a semester in Sevilla, Spain studying abroad and once the program ended a few friends and I took a backpacking trip through Italy. I had visited Europe once before when I was still in High School but there was something different about going that summer. I was older so I could really appreciate my surroundings and realize how lucky I was to have the opportunity to travel. We just boarded trains and buses that took us all over the country and it was absolutely magical!

I have many more summers to look back on and smile about but I'm most looking forward to the summers to come. I told you all about this year's summer plans but Kenny and I still have a lot of traveling and exploring to do so I know we will be building many more fun summer memories in the years to come. What are your summer plans?

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  1. Cute Viv! Nothing better than summer Fridays in NYC :)

  2. Love summer Fridays, looking forward to tomorrow in fact:) They should do it all year don't you think?!

  3. My summer Fridays started last week, and I could not be more excited. They make the whole work week more bearable!

  4. That's such a gorgeous painting! I'm so mad. We have to work half the Fridays and then we get the other half off but apparently this isn't starting until July :(

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