May 29, 2013

Wednesday Craving: Karen Walker

I have gotten SO many complements on my Karen Walker sunglasses (seen here, here, and here) and I wear just about every day. I do have a rather large sunglasses collection, but I have to admit that my Karen Walkers are very special to me. I found them on Ebay after weeks of scouring the internet and that was more than two years ago now. And yes, I still get complements every single time I wear them. So, considering how much I love my first pair, I think I may need to add one more style to my collection. I was thinking that the Helter Kelter style is a bit different from everything else I own - combining the tortoiseshell I love so much and the metal bridge to make them a mix between a wayfarer and an aviator. Thoughts?


  1. Her sunnies are so chic. Think I need to bite the bullet and get a pair for my honeymoon. X

  2. I love that last pair–I've never even tried on a pair of Karen Walker sunnies!

  3. I need some new shades! Those last ones are so chic & fun!

  4. I love Karen Walker sunnies on other people but haven't quite found a pair that look right on me :( Great picks!

  5. I've been wanting a pair of Karen Walkers forever! I need to take the plunge! ;)



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