Jul 9, 2013

Fouta Lifestyle

Today I want to introduce to the most amazing and softest blankets ever. Foutas (pronounced foo-tah) are so versatile they can be used as throws, blankets, towels, wraps and even tablecloths! I got my first fouta about two years ago when a good friend introduced me to them and I can tell you that my little fouta goes with me to the park, the beach and everywhere else in between. Now, without further ado, I leave you with Pauline, the mastermind behind bringing this Tunisian beauties to the US.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.
I am born and raised in NYC and have an insatiable passion for culture, art and travel. My father is French and I spent my summers traveling to France to visit my family. When in Paris I would wander through the neighborhoods and explore the different museums. When in college Europe called me back and I spent my junior year abroad in Rome.

2. How did you discover foutas?
In the spring I took a trip to Tunisia for one of my classes. This is when I fell in love with Tunisia and its bounty of culture, hospitality, and foutas! After returning to the states, I immediately applied for a Fulbright fellowship to study ancient Roman mosaics in Tunisia and immerse myself in the country. Living with two Tunisians allowed me to experience traditions, gain close friends (for whom I have named many of the foutas in my collection!), and further my love for Tunisia. Foutas are so much part of daily life in Tunisia- used in the hammams, on the beach, at home- that I wanted to bring this multipurpose item and part of Tunisia’s culture back with me.

3. Where can we purchase them?
I founded fouta lifestyle in 2009 and began selling them on the website foutalifestyle.com. They are also sold at Selfridges in London, Reservoir & Wood in Beacon, NY and a few other stores around New York.

4. What do you envision for Fouta Lifestyle in the future?
I have a few things in mind for the future of Fouta lifestyle. I don't want divulge all of the ideas but one is to sell other lifestyle products from Tunisia on the website, continuing to raise further awareness of the country and its products.

Isn't it so interesting to learn where people find their inspiration and how they bring it to life? Thanks, Pauline, for sharing your story with us and talking to us a little more about Fouta Lifestyle! You can shop Fouta Lifestyle here and follow along on Facebook and Twitter as well! 


  1. They do look so soft and love the patterns!

  2. Those blankets look amazing! I would definitely wear one as a sarong!


    Peonies and American Honey

  3. Oooh I love love!!! They look so soft. Thanks for the Intro, Viv! xo

  4. Oh these look so soft and lovely! I really like the striped ones.

  5. fouta towels are really the newest trend now,as they are so versatille
    love them


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