Jul 10, 2013

Linen Blues

Theory Dress (similar here) // Karen Walker Sunglasses // Mulberry Satchel (similar here and here) // Tory Burch Wedges (also love these) // Julie Vos Bracelet c/o // Marcia Moran Stacked Rings (also love this) // Melanie Auld Elephant Necklace c/o // Lola James Bar Necklace c/o
I introduce you all to another one of my summer dress favorites - this pretty Theory linen shirt dress that's just perfect for the warm days of summer. Please excuse the wrinkled appearance (that I tried to hide with a color effect!) but at the time these pictures were taken I had already been sitting at my desk for a solid five hours and linen just doesn't like that. I guess that's a big downfall to the material. However, I still love how comfy and breezy this dress is. NYC has been experiencing some disturbingly hot weather these past few weeks so I'm always happy when I stumble upon the perfect summer dress already in my closet.


  1. Blue is such a fab color on you!

  2. Very cute. Simple and pretty for summer.

  3. That color is gorgeous on you! Love the combo with the purse too :)

  4. That is such a cute dress! I love wearing linen in the summer but I do hate how quickly it wrinkles.

  5. I love linen too but I know what you mean, it isnt desk appropriate! Love that shade on you!

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