Jul 16, 2013

Sail Away

I miss the ocean (as proven by this morning's post). New York City is absolutely wonderful and I do love living here but I wish the ocean was a bit more accessible. Having grown up on an island in the Caribbean and living less than five minutes away from the ocean during my first seventeen years of life really made me appreciate how amazing it is to walk on the sand, smell the salt water, and soak in all the peace the ocean has to offer. I've been missing the ocean more and more since I got back from our quick getaway to Puerto Rico a few weeks ago so I think a quick trip to the beach is definitely in order once we're all settled into our new apartment (see some pics from Instagram!) We're headed to Bethany Beach with a couple of friends in two weeks so I hope we get to really soak in the sun and enjoy the somewhat warm water the East Coast has to offer.  And to get myself all ready for our weekend getaway I just purchased this gorgeous sarong and beach bag (on sale!) Now I'm just counting down the days...

Images via Mode de Vie // Obaz


  1. Ooh la la!!! YOu are going to have such a fun weekend. I am so in love with that first pic! xoxo

  2. Have fun!! I certainly wish I was closer to the beach in this heat.

  3. Oh lady, you're going to have an amazing weekend! Can't wait to see pics!


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