Oct 4, 2013

Line to Love: 31 Bits

I wanted to end the week on an incredibly positive note by introducing you all to 31 Bits Designs and their mission. Kallie Dovel, one of the founders of 31 Bits, originally traveled to Northern Uganda in the summer of 2007 where she spent time getting to know the culture and meeting a few women that made paper beads. Kallie then brought back some pieces to the US and spent the next year thinking about what she could do to help these women. That's when she enlisted the help of a few friends and her ideas for a development organization evolved into 31 Bits Designs. Since inception, 31 Bits has grown immensely now buying jewelry from 99 Ugandan women on a monthly basis (read more about these women here.) 31 Bits's mission is an incredible movement to help Ugandan women fight poverty by giving them the ability to earn instant income. The pieces are all beautifully unique and what they stand for is even more beautiful. Read more about 31 Bits's mission here and shop their necklaces, bracelets, and other pieces here. Oh, and don't forget to get involved!


  1. What an amazing thing and these pieces are just so pretty!

  2. They are wonderful! I love their talent, those necklaces turned out beautiful.


  3. Thanks for featuring this, Viviana! It's so wonderful when there's actually a mission behind a product line. Kallie Dovel is an amazing person for forming this company.


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