Oct 29, 2013

Two Years

Today is our two year wedding anniversary and it's hard to believe it's already been two years since we were down in Puerto Rico with our families and loved ones saying our I do's. There's days when I feel like we met yesterday and others when I feel like we've been together for over twenty years. It's virtually impossible to summarize the 7+ years that we've been together in a few sentences... 

It's an incredible feeling to know that every night I go home to see my best friend and the love of my life. That no matter what is going on in my life I know that Kenny has the power to make me feel better and put a smile on my face. That our home is where we are together and not an address. 

Tonight we're celebrating with a romantic dinner at David Bouley's new-ish restaurant, Brushstroke, and exchanging our cotton gifts when we get home afterwards. 
Happy anniversary, chun!


  1. Congratulations!! You are a beautiful couple:)

  2. Happy two years to you two! That last picture is gorgeous.

  3. Congrats! Love all the pictures!


  4. Congrats! So amazing for you two. My husband and I took our honeymoon in Puerto Rico! :)



  5. Congrats! You're such a cute couple :)
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)


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