Nov 16, 2013

Closing the Week: 11.16

We're a week closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas time and I'm so, so excited. There's lots of cocktail parties, secret santa gatherings, shopping deals, and family quality time in the horizon so I'm trying to sit back and enjoy my favorite time of the year. Here's a few of the things putting a smile on my face this week! Happy weekend, everyone!

These Thanksgiving Day outfit ideas are so up my alley.

The first two gift guides of 2013 are up! Gifts under $25 and under $50 for everyone on your list.

Some good ideas for how to wear socks with shoes

Another recipe I must try from Victoria's recipe book. This time it's sweet and spicy candied nuts.

It's Friends and Family sale time at Bloomingdale's with a 20% off everything with code BFAM.

Obsessed with this Barbour coat. Monogrammed cuffs?! Yes, please!

Found out about the amazing Rose & Fitzgerald and their line of products (thanks to Molly) - all handmade in Kampala, Uganda. Shop their collection here.

J.Crew opened it's UK flagship store. Did you see Jenna Lyons's perfect outfit for the occasion?

Image via A House In The Hills


  1. Oh I love that leopard clutch! So pretty!


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