Dec 2, 2013

Shop to Love: Ethica + Giveaway

I absolutely love learning about new brands, the stories behind the designer's inspirations, their backgrounds and aspirations. Today, to celebrate December's arrival and Cyber Monday, I want to introduce you all to Ethica. Ethica is an online boutique stock full of "ethical fashion" handcrafted by emerging designers from all around the globe. In other words, by shopping from Ethica you're not only helping your closet but you can also be certain that every single piece was made "with social and environmental responsibility in mind." My favorite Ethica finds? These tiny skull rings handmade in NYC, this pretty vegan leather clutch, and this sweet asymmetrical dress. Read below for a short Q&A with Melissa Cantor, one of the founders of this fabulous e-retailer, and a fun little giveaway that I promise will put a smile on your face. Also, don't forget to follow Ethica on Facebook and Twitter and learn more about their story here.

What is your background in and what inspired you to open Ethica?I'm a former magazine and web editor, and I spent most of my career working in the fashion and luxury space. Sustainability and social good are longtime interests of mine, and a few years ago, I felt like there were finally enough aesthetically-driven ethical brands to warrant bringing them together on a single retail site. My sister, husband and I launched shopethica.com a little over a year ago with the goal of creating a space where people could learn about ethical fashion, discover emerging designers, and shop with the satisfaction of knowing that every piece was made with social and environmental responsibility in mind. There was no other e-tailer doing that at the time, and we were sure that once people saw all of the beautiful ethical options that exist, they'd no longer associate dressing consciously with looking like a hippie. We also knew it was important to incorporate a strong storytelling component to give people the context to understand why these issues are so important.

Tell us a bit more about where your pieces come from.
One of our more recent additions is an Australian company called Mettle that makes fantastic jewelry and translucent clutches. Their items are made by artisan groups in Cambodia from recycled lucite and bomb casings. Another line, Ambrym, is based in Paris and works with fabrics that are left over from the big French fashion houses' collections every season. And we have a thriving Made in the U.S.A. section, as well: There's a former illustrator, Ilana Kohn, who creates beautifully intricate prints right here in NYC.Awaveawake is another new line that's made a huge splash–the collection revolves around slip dresses (à la Kate Moss in the early '90s) made from naturally dyed silk and hemp. Trust me, hemp has never looked this luxurious

What is the "Ethica" girl like?
Our items can range from feminine and slightly bohemian to pieces that are a bit edgier and glamorous. But comfort is probably the common thread throughout it all. If something isn't comfortable, I revert to sweatpants pretty quickly, ha. 

What is your favorite piece in the shop right now?
Tough call! It's a toss-up between Valentine Gauthier's quilted denim jacket and Beautiful Soul London's floral mini-dress.

Where do you envision Ethica being in five years?
I hope that the entire landscape will be different, and that ethics and sustainability in fashion will be the new normal. We don't have much of a choice because what we're doing now is pretty unsustainable, but some of it will be market-driven, too–there is a lot of cool stuff happening in this space. My friend Rachel Kibbe runs an edgy, directional ethical fashion boutique called Helpsy that brings a very fun voice to this sector, and I love everything that a new brand called Svilu is doing.
In regards to Ethica specifically, international shoppers have responded very passionately to what we're doing, so our goal over the next few years is to scale our global presence so that we can better serve these customers. I'm also excited about being a platform that introduces America's leading sustainable designers to audiences in other countries.
We're cooking up pop-up events, artisan-produced capsule collections, some exciting education initiatives, and all sorts of fun stuff that should keep us pretty occupied in the coming years. But mostly we're just working to convert people to ethical and sustainable fashion, one purchase at a time!

Now it's time for a little giveaway thanks to Ethica! Enter below for a chance to win the fabulous TK Blouse, valued at $220. Good luck, loves!

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  1. Great giveaway, thank you!

    xoxo Kira

  2. Oooooh la la! What a fab giveaway girlfriend - I'm crossing my fingers foer this one! xx

  3. NICE! I love the Edwin Denim Jacket. GORGEOUS!

  4. I love the Vivienne Spike studs. So chic! *fingers crossed*

  5. Ethica has super cute things! I fell in LOVE with the Maura Dress and the Silent dress in Tiger....SO FAB!


  6. Love so many things especially the Tie-front dress

    April C.

  7. I love this! So nice to learn about companies that are actually trying to make a positive impact. And all their items are really lovely to boot! I really, really love the Scout Dress. :)

  8. I love the Lace-bodice slip dress! It's sold out though!


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