Feb 11, 2014

At Home: His & Hers Bar Cart

We try to keep everything in our apartment gender neutral. Of course, I do add my girly touches of pink, glitter and polka dots every here and there but, for the most part, we keep it to a neutral palette. The same concept goes for our bar cart. I tried, I really tried to keep this piece of furniture more mine than his but alas, I kinda failed. I wish I could hang pom poms and have glitter coasters and lots of bright pink peonies on there but Kenny would probably freak. So - the bar cart has remained as it is - always jam packed with bottles (not pictured as I'm constantly moving them to the lower shelf) with some pretty glassware. Kate Spade was a huge help with some black and white acrylic straws (thanks, Lauren!) and some simple double old fashioned glasses. And I can't forget the polka dot flutes (a flea market score) that add a little extra pop of fun. How do you keep your home gender neutral?

Pottery Barn Bar Cart (also love this one and this one) // Kate Spade Acrylic Straws // Stirrers (from my mom!) // Baccarat Lucky Butterfly // Kate Spade Double Old Fashioned Glasses // Reed & Barton Soho Decanter // 'Cheers' Cocktail Napkins via T.J. Maxx (these are adorable too!) // Polka Dot Flutes (flea market find)


  1. Love your bar cart and styling. I think adding little pops - like polka dots and fun straws are the perfect way. I also tell hubby that the pink flowers are temporary...but then I wind up buying fresh ones whenever the others are looking a little tired :) xo

  2. love this!! i need to get a bar cart. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I definitely understand! I would love a room filled with my favorite colors blush, white and gold but I think it would scare the fiance:)

  4. Love love it! I really want a bar cart. This is so stylish!

  5. Those straws are too cute–I mean every man can appreciate a well-chosen paper straw, right? ;)

  6. My husband and I have been wanting to do a bar cart for awhile now, this is great inspiration! Love those flutes! Cant believe you found them at the flea market!

    <3 Shannon

  7. Your barcart is so flippin' cute - I'm obsessed! Also, these photos are exceptionally lovely :) xx

  8. Currently obsessed with gold polka dots... and paired with a fab bar cart, dreamy!

  9. A stylish bar cart is something I DEFINITELY want to have in our new home - but I will also probably have to keep it gender neutral, otherwise my husband would freak! I love the pink champagne and polka dotted flutes that make your cart a bit more feminine. And these straws are totally adorable!


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