May 2, 2014

Sauza-Rita Time

Sauza-Rita Time

There's nothing better than catching up with old and new friends or just unwinding after a long week of hard work. These special occasions are only made better when accompanied by an icy cold margarita. I'm sure we've all had these perfect "margarita moments" - a combination of good friends, laughter and a few stories to share. Today, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, and with the help of Sauza Tequila, I'm getting personal (something I know I don't do often over here!) and I'm sharing my favorite #MargaritaMoment with you.

I go home to Puerto Rico a few times a year and this past July I happened to be en route to San Juan but, this time, not for a festive occasion. My father was undergoing heart surgery and I traveled south to be with my parents during the procedure and help out in any way possible. The surgery was taking place on Monday morning, at the crack of dawn, and, to alleviate some of the stress and constant worry I was experiencing two days prior to the surgery one of my best friends suggested we go out to our favorite mexican restaurant in San Juan, sip on some frozen margaritas and try to disconnect from the world for a few hours. That was quite possibly the best idea she could've had. We had a great time and for a very short six hours (hours that went by in a blur of laughter!) we talked, gobbled an insane amount of food, drank more than our fair share of margaritas and reminisced over high school stories and fond memories. Those six hours spent with her are my favorite #MargaritaMoment - a moment that helped me box away my stress and fear for just a little while and helped me relax and enjoy a great time with a friend I've known for over twenty five years. 
We all have those times when we need to sit back, relax, and enjoy life and that's exactly what you can do over a Sauza-Rita. A simple yet delicious (and very easy to make!) recipe that I know you'll all love. So go ahead, unwind, sit back and enjoy your very own #MargaritaMoment with Sauza! 

Sauza®-Rita Recipe:

(Serves 9)


1 can Sauza® Blue Silver 100% Agave Tequila
1 bottle light beer
1 can frozen limeade
1 can water

Pour limeade and beer into a pitcher with ice. Fill limeade can with Sauza® Blue Silver and pour into pitcher. Finally, add a can of water, stir and enjoy.


Nothing's more relaxing than a cool desert breeze blowing across your tired shoulders. Oh wait. That's the breath of a man who has something very important to tell you. He's the cowboy. And he's here to help you relax after a hard day on the ranch. When he's not rounding up baby cattle, he's rounding up ingredients for the perfect Sauza®-rita. Learn how to make it with him on your next ladies' night in: www.youtube.com/SauzaTequila.

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  1. yummm i love a good margarita ! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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