Jun 2, 2014

Designer to Love: Eda Lourdes

Eda Lourdes

It's been a while since I haven't introduced you all to a designer to love so I think this specific introduction is long overdue. Eda Lourdes is a fellow Puerto Rican - a number cruncher (yep, her background is in Finance!), style maven, personal friend, and creative genius behind her brand spankin' new accessories line, Eda Lourdes. This girls loves her black and white (yep, just like moi) and her line of accessories is a clear reflection of her own personal style - a little romantic, flirty, feminine and with a big chic factor. Her love for Lanvin, the evolution of fashion, Parisian adventures, and haute couture inspired her to create a first capsule collection that I think we will all love. And before we talk about where to buy and how to follow this gal during her travel and fashion adventures let's get to know a bit more about her.

Your background is in Finance. What inspired you to start your own accessories line? 
I love banking and transactions and the markets and, yes, all things Wall Street. Or, well, almost all things Wall Street. However I always had a big interest in fashion and beautiful things. A dancer since the age of 3, I was exposed to different music styles, outrageous dance outfits, diverse shows in TV, theater, school etc., all of which contributed to my desire to have that artistic balance in my life. I always loved creating my outfits both in and outside the stage so it kind of came naturally. At first I was not sure what I wanted to start with but then realized that out of all the things in my closet, accessories are what I love the most! You can change any and every outfit with the right accessories.

You travel a lot - especially to the City of Lights (and Love.) would you say Parisian fashion has been a big influence in Eda Lourdes Accessories? 
Oui, j’adore Paris! Paris is a big influence to most designers but I have seen this beautiful city thru the eyes of a Parisian. We can talk about how the “New Look” as originally brought to us by the Haute Couture maisons of Paris embraced classic femininity and sophistication but it has been their lifestyle specially the little details that make up a day in Paris. Like taking a stroll thru the stylish Les Marais, seating in the colorful Place de Vosges, buying tonight’s dinner in the charming markets, watching young couples on metro line 6. Even riding a bike is done in an effortless and elegant style. I also have gotten to see other areas in France that are just as inspiring like the region of Brittany, west of Paris filled with simple and a perfect combination of country landscape and coastal allure. And the Pyrenees, south of France, which are grand and offer the most incredible views from the top of its peaks.Everything is done in a beautiful and always seductive way! Like the famous French poet Alexis Leger wrote “Select a wide hat with the brim seduced”.

Your story is so inspirational (makes me want to design something!) What piece of advise would you give to a gal that wants to follow her heart and start up something of her own? 
Exactly what you just said...follow your heart but take action with your head! Start slowly, do research, ask yourself what is your passion. I have done lots of reading, enrolled in Parsons School of Design, and asked lots of questions to any who has taken the leap to do something that inspires them. Sometimes the best answers are right at arm’s length...involve your family and friends. My mom is in charge of production and my closest friends are all collaborators! 

Tell us all about where you want to take Eda Lourdes. What are you goals as the owner and sole designer?  
The goal is to bring back the “New Look” as originally brought to us by the Haute Couture maisons of Paris, which embraced classic femininity but adding the modern touch that makes up today’s woman. A woman who is “everywhere and always” active, professional, visionary, chic and in style for every occasion.  
Our products would be sold in boutiques in New York, Paris and San Juan and other cities. Bigger stores would include Henri Bendel and other department stores in addition to online sales through edalourdes.com

What is your favorite piece from your first collection? And where can we find Eda Lourdes Accessories sold today? 
My favorite piece is the Femme Harlow Glove! And the Miss Lori Ann Hat! Tres chic! They are both classic and feminine yet modern the perfect final touch for today’s woman. A woman who is “everywhere and always” active, professional, visionary, chic and in style for every occasion.  
“By a simple show of hands, who here is wearing gloves? (b. 1982) American humorist & author. 
And yes! We are in Soho! Our new home is Madonna & Co. Madonna & Co. is the ideal boutique for Eda Lourdes. We share the same attitude towards urban, independent, feminine style and it’s more than fashion pieces…it is about a unique lifestyle and attitude! 

Isn't this fun? Eda's line taps into my inner girly girl where the love for the romantic and chic resides. I'm the proud owner of the Veronica Belt (stay tuned for a fun outfit!) and the Miss Lori Anne Hat which I promise you'll be seeing a lot of this fall season. For more information about the collection, Eda's travels and the event at Madonna & Co. that's going on tomorrow follow Eda on Instagram and Facebook. I'll be popping around those two accounts every once in a while so I'd love if you followed along with me!  

p.s. Here's the invite for tomorrow's event! I'll be there and would love to catch up with you if you're around. Shoot me an email to fashiontruffles@gmail.com if you're interested in joining the fun and I'll be looking forward to doing a little shopping and sipping on some champagne with you!

Madonna & Co.
SoHo Flagship Store 
284 Lafayette Street (between Prince and Houston) 

Day: Helmut Lang Asymmetric Top // Frame Denim Skinny Jeans // Eda Lourdes's Miss Lori Anne Hat (sales@edalourdes.com) // Madame Bette Necklace (sales@edalourdes.com)


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