Aug 1, 2014

In My Jewelry Box: Charriol

I figured I would end this week with a little bling and Charriol will help me do just that. Charriol makes some of my favorite bangles and cuffs - simple, sophisticated and very unique. Founded in 1983 in Geneva, they've been creating their signature steel cable, rope-like bracelets and jewelry pieces for 30 years now. The bangles and these cuffs have always caught my eye and hence why I own quite a few of these puppies. What do you think? Are you a fan? 

On another note, Kenny and I are going away (yet again) for the weekend but this time we're going our separate ways. Kenny's headed to a bachelor party and I'm headed to play seventh wheel with three of my favorite couples. There will be yummy BBQs, yoga, antique shopping and a whole lot of wine flowing. Sounds divine, huh? I'll keep you all posted on Instagram and I'll see you back here next week! I have an incredible giveaway in store, courtesy of Lauren Merkin, so stay tuned (hint: it's spacious, perfect for weekend getaways and valued at over $400)! Happy weekend, loves! 

Shop some of my favorite Charriol pieces here:


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, always wonderful to get out of the city! Have a great weekend!

  2. Those bracelets are so pretty, I would get a lot of wear out of those. Have a fun weekend away!


  3. Gorgeous bangles!!


  4. Love these bracelets. Hope
    You had a great weekend!

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