Aug 21, 2014

Collection to Love: Faire Collection F/W 14

Explore. Discover. Escape. I typed those exact words when introducing you all to this fab online store - Faire Collection. All of Faire Collection's products are responsibly sourced from artisans from all over the world - think Vietnam, Switzerland, Peru, Ecuador and the Amazon. Faire's Brooklyn-based design team and CEO, Amanda Judge, travel the globe to collaborate with more than 225 artisans and bring back pieces that reflect the heritage of the country of origin as well as the street style influences of New York City. Faire Collection works hard to reduce poverty in the disadvantaged communities where they work and help push change through their social programs, such as educational scholarships and no interest loans - funded through purchases of their pieces. Faire's Fall / Winter collection, Midnight, the 14th full collection from six year old Fair Collection and the line features jewelry designs crafted from rainforest seeds (such as tagua and acai( and sustainably sourced, up cycled bullhorn. Check out this photo essay from CEO Amanda Judge's first trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon - a beautiful region from where Faire sources seeds native to the area for the Midnight Collection. And now go ahead, get shopping for some beautiful crafts and, to make it even better, a good cause!


  1. Great collection, thanks for sharing and happy Thursday!


  2. Shopping for a good cause? I'm always down :) xx

  3. These are so pretty and love the cause.

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