Sep 15, 2014

Outfit: Fall Boyfriend Jeans

As soon as the temperatures start to drop I automatically bust out my comfy, oversized boyfriend jeans. I don't even think twice about it - almost as if I'm on auto-pilot and ready for comfort. For a leisurely Sunday, I paired my favorite pair of boyfriends with a thermal top I got at Massimo Dutti - casual and versatile. Did you already know I'm a huge fan of this store? I really love it. Oh, and I know a lot of you have commented on this Coach pointed toe flats over the past few months. These flats are so incredibly comfortable - perfect for all the walking I do around the city. Unfortunately, these are no longer available but don't fret! Coach always has super cute flats available and I swear they make all this incredibly comfortable and stylish.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more posts from Greece! And if you don't follow me yet, tag along on Instagram to see what I've been up to while in the Mediterranean.

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Current Elliott Boyfriend Jeans (these are on sale!) // Massimo Dutti Thermal Top // Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviators // Coach Pointed-Toe Flats (also love these) // Soria Z. Multi-Wire Twisted Ring // Alligator Skin Pouch (from Thailand)


  1. i love this cozy look! that ring + clutch are gorgeous! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Love this look! Boyfriend jeans are the answer to everyday comfort. I cannot wait to see the photos of Greece!

  3. Love those BF jeans, been dying for a pair from Current/Elliott. Also love the ease of that top - wish I could go back to Spain to pick up some more Massimo Dutti stuff. Looked like you were having a wonderful time in Greece, according to Insta. Can't wait to see more!


  4. Love the dainty flats contrasted with the rugged denim! Chic!


  5. I know I'm SO late to the party, but I finally bought my first pair of boyfriend jeans this week! Love how cute this look is :) xx

  6. So relaxed but gorgeous- I love a good pair of boyfriends!

    Can't wait for the Greece pics!


  7. Great outfit. Love your sunnies!


  8. I'm in love with this whole look and your hair looks amazing, you really nailed the whole "naturally tousled" look in the best possible way, love it.

  9. Darn girl, I love this full look on you!! And those shoes are so cute!!

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