Jan 19, 2015

Travel to: Palm Beach

Worth Avenue (Neiman Marcus building)
Everglades Avenue
Gold and Gray necklaces packed especially for this trip
Bike path
Bike path
Bike path

Kenny and I fly down to Palm Beach once a year to visit with family and to escape the winter. The escape this year was better than other times as we avoided enduring a rainy and freezing weekend in New York. Palm Beach is a quick, non-stop flight away from NYC and you won't regret spending on that ticket fare. Palm Beach is a beautiful oasis filled with perfectly landscaped, Spanish style homes, incredible weather, restaurants and first class shopping. Here's our favorite spots in Palm Beach, Florida.

Tideline Resort - what once was the Omphoy, it's steps away from the beach and not as opulent as the famous Breakers.
The Breakers - a real treat as I'm sure the name rings a bell.

Bice - tucked away in a via off of Worth Avenue you'll find Bice. With outdoor seating it's the perfect place to do some people watching and have a wonderful meal.
Buccan - be prepared to see and be seen - a trendy spot with great food and even better cocktails (once you arrive ask about their second bar - a more quiet and relaxed ambiance and the same menu as the main bar)
Taboo - on Worth Avenue, it's a classic that's been around for ages.
Green's Pharmacy - don't let the name fool you. it is indeed a pharmacy but it has an incredible diner and the b.e.s.t. milkshakes e.v.e.r.
Testa's - 94 years in business makes this a must visit brunch spot (try their flatbread breakfast dish)
Renato's - on Via Mizner a charming and elegant Italian restaurant that offers outdoor seating and a great selection of homemade pastas.
Cucina - classic Italian meets a fun bar and young-ish crowd

Gypsy - think Isabel Marant, Balenziaga, Missoni, Celine, Lanvin and more A class designers under one roof.
Babalu - on Via Mizner this is a teeny tiny shop that sells some of the best beauty and skincare brands in the world (some of which I had never even heard of!)
Cashmere Beach - the name says it all.
Mary Mahoney - a paradise for interior design aficionados.

Bike - rent a bike, run or take a brisk walk along the bike path with a view of West Palm Beach on one side and some incredible mansions on the other side.
Worth Avenue - get lost along the vias and enjoy the window (and people) watching along this world renowned avenue.
Beach - you don't need to stay at the Breakers or the Tideline to enjoy the spectacular beaches.

p.s. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I'll be posting some colorful Palm Beach-ie outfits shot by the fantastic Jason Nuttle.


  1. I've never been to Palm Beach, but it sounds like a dream!

    The Style Scribe

  2. So jealous of this sunshine and warm weather!!

  3. Noooo we missed each other again! I was there too!

  4. I've never been! I need to bookmark this for when I can make it there one day. SO jealous of your beach time and tan!!


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