Jan 20, 2015

Outfit: Palazzo Pants

We're back from Palm Beach now but I'm already itching to go back to the warm weather, palm trees, and beautiful greenery / scenery. These are some shots captured by the fab Jason Nuttle while I was in town. These were taken right outside of where we were staying and you can just feel the sun shining and the fresh air blowing around us. So many beautiful spots in that city! But now back to the fashion - The silk palazzo pants have been a favorite of mine when visiting warm weather destinations. They're the perfect substitute for jeans, much more fun to wear and keep you warm when the temperatures drop a bit at night. See below for some more of my favorite palazzo pants (I admit, I already bought these for our Aruba getaway in March)

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Pants: Olivia from Olivia Boutique
Bag: thanks to GiGi New York
Necklace: thanks to Gold and Gray
Shoes: J.Crew (more great options here)

More great palazzo pants:

Photography by Jason Nuttle


  1. those pants look sooo comfy! i love the tank too :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I can almost feel the sunshine!! Those pants are great for a day at the beach

  3. I could never pull these off, but they look fab on you!

  4. Those pants are TOO fun! Love the print!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. I could never pull these off, but they look adorable on you! The setting is PERFECT for them, that is sure!

  6. oh my goodness - send the sun our way! Those pants are so fun - and perfect for vacation! xx

  7. I love those pants!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  8. So jealous that you've even visited somewhere warm lately. I love those pants on you!

    Savvy City Chic

  9. You girl looks beautiful, sexy and cute. The outfit looks amazing and i love this combo, who would say it will go so perfectly together :) Have a great day. I can't take my eyes off you when i see you wearing this style.

    Kisses from Khanh,
    Check out my newest shirts for women collection AKA "Ao so mi nu" at Áo sơ mi nữ Canifa. Thanks for watching,

  10. you look so beautiful!! Love your hair styled like that! Did you cut it?

    The Style Scribe

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