Mar 26, 2015

Outfit: Metallic Knits

These images were taken a few weeks back and what a difference a few weeks make! I was only 18 weeks then and my clothes still fit - snuggly but still fit. I'm now 3 weeks away from entering my third trimester and I have to say my wardrobe options are getting very limited. I'm trying to only purchase key pieces that are easy to mix and match, easy to wear from work to play and not spend a ton of cash on items I only hope to be wearing for 6-7 more months. It's hard though! I'm putting together a good, long post that's all about options for dressing the bump - once it pops - and I think you guys will be surprised by how many options are out there. Let's just say Equipment, Joie,  Rebecca Minkoff, and Vince make some really incredible maternity pieces, all available at A Pea in the Pod. Oh, and Rachel Zoe has just joined this dream team - her debut collection is now available at A Pea in the Pod

Sweater: Club Monaco
Pants: NastyGal
Heels: Aquazzura (also love these)
Bag: Chanel
Ring: Lagos


  1. Happy Thursday girl! Those shoes are alllll kinds of fabulous!

  2. What an excellent outfit! I love wearing in a simple way and you girl did a great job. I love the way you combine the items. The style is simple but fabulous and feminine. Their colours are balanced. I vote for the heels and pants.

    Kisses from Khanh,
    Check out my newest skirts collection at Chan vay CANIFA. Thanks for your watching!

  3. Wow! This outfit is marvelous! The heels, the bag and aw! simply everything looks amazing!
    Lovely blog <3 Kisses from Hungary xoxo


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