Jun 16, 2015

Father's Day "En Casa"

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Father's Day traditions in Puerto Rico aren't much different than the ones here on the mainland. The date is the same and what we celebrate is the same - honoring the special dad or dads in your life. The one more notable difference I have found is that down South, on my Caribbean Island, the celebration includes every father in the family - father, grandfather, uncles, brothers and any other male family member that has children - no matter how far removed they are. The holiday is spent "en casa" and "en familia," meaning that it's usually celebrated at home and surrounded with family. The gathering is normally at a family member's house, with a big meal and lots of chatter - and, of course, lots of gifts for the dads. It also usually becomes a daylong celebration - no one's in a rush to leave! 
From top left: Father's Day at Abuelo and Abuela's (1989) // Father's Day at Abuelo and Abuela's (1984) // Father's Day (2011) // Father's Day with Nana and Nano (2005)

Sadly, the last time I was home in Puerto Rico to celebrate Father's Day was back in 2005 (pictured above), before I moved to NYC for work. However, I do make a point to send small packages to my family as I know a big part of the celebration comes when all the Dads are showered with gifts after dinner. This year's gifts I found at Target (no big surprise there!) and I'm looking forward to my Dad's call recapping the night and letting me know what he thought of his goodies.

It's taken quite some time for me to get accustomed to how things work in NYC - and after 10 years in the Big Apple I can actually say that now my "normal" is the New York City way and not necessarily the Island way. However, I do cherish all my childhood memories "en casa," celebrating big holidays "en familia," with my rowdy extended family and especially with my dad and my late grandfathers. As I gathered up some pictures for this post I looked back at a few special moments spent with the dads in my life and can't help but look forward to the traditions, "en familia," that Kenny and I will create "en casa." 

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