Aug 13, 2015

BÉBÉ Talk: Fourth Trimester

This installment of Bebe Talk is brought to you by Starbucks - a sort of coffee break talk to discuss how the first couple of weeks with Baby Ali have been. And let's be honest, time with my baby girl is extremely rewarding but motherhood is indeed hard. I wish there were more honest outlets out there to discuss some things that women go through after giving birth, coming home to a whole world of new situations and anxieties and the frightening concept of being 100% responsible for a tiny being that you love with everything you've got. It's the biggest adjustment you'll ever go through. And your brain and emotions need to catch up with the reality of the situation - sometimes it takes women a day and other times it could take more time. I have spoken to countless friends and family and have an incredible support system in Kenny so I'm lucky to say that after two weeks of giving birth I started feeling more like myself again. Of course, the anxieties and worries do come up because it's only natural but I'm feeling more confident in my abilities as a momma and trusting my instincts more and more as the relationship between Ali and me grows. Below I have listed a few articles and blog posts that talk more about the fourth trimester woes and helped me understand that my worries and concerns were absolutely normal!

Amy Ransom - Fourth Trimester

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  1. I love this post! Your pictures look incredible!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  2. love this! the fourth trimester was pretty rough... i loveddd our little newborn but she cried SO. much. i think in the end she was actually collicky for the first three months. Vi turns 5 months today (CRAZY!) and she is such a happy little baby. i really love being a mama and i know it'll just keep getting better and better. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I am definitely needing some coffee now! Love hearing how the mom confidence builds and that things only get easier!

  4. She is just adorable! Congrats again!!

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